Climbing The Corporate Ladder


“Are you really going to drink another?” Raya asked her husband while she clipped her fake diamond earing onto her earlobes.
Erik looked at the glass in his hand, turned it sideways, twirled the fluid in it around and brought the glass to his mouth. In one big gulp he swallowed the amber-colored fluid.
“I just did,” he said, looking at his wife, a smile covering his face. “In fact, I am going to get one more.”
“Erik, please…”
“Erik, pleeeaaaaasssse,” he mocked her.
Raya decided to keep quiet. They had both been very busy and tonight for the first time in weeks they were going out together. She didn’t want to spoil it.

Having some downtime with Erik was not the only reason why Raya didn’t want to spoil it. They would be dining at her boss’s house. Raya had worked hard to climb the corporate ladder and being invited to her boss’s house for dinner almost certainly meant that her promotion was not far down the line. One step closer to the top, she thought, while she smoothed down her faux leather skirt with both hands. One last glance in the full-length bedroom mirror made her smile. She was dressed to impress, that was for sure. Her white blouse was unbuttoned just far enough to show the top of the scalloped lace cups of her black bra. Raya was wearing a matching lace string and garter belt. Her sheer stockings and patent leather black heels completed the picture.

Erik waited for her at the bottom of the stairs. She had no idea whether he indeed had that second glass of whisky. All Raya wanted was a nice time with her husband. Seeing the appreciation – or was it lust? – in his eyes as she walked down the stairs was a good start of their evening. Erik pulled her closer when she reached the bottom of the stairs. They kissed. She tasted the whisky, but Raya leaned into him and suddenly wished they could go back upstairs and stay in bed until the morning. To fuck!

Erik turned her in the direction of the front door and playfully slapped her ass.
“Come on, ya’ sexy bitch,” he said, “off to bossy-boy we go.”
Raya laughed and started for the door, but stopped.
“Erik, will you behave yourself?”
He just cocked his head, gave her a quick kiss and walked out the door.

They arrived at the house of Raya’s boss half an hour later. All through the drive, Erik had his hand high up on Raya’s leg. Once his hand wandered upward and squeezed one of her breasts. Her nipples were hard and visible on the white fabric of her blouse.
“You are so sexy!” Erik said and smiled, causing butterflies to stir in her stomach. Raya loved that after all these years he still managed to excite her like this.

Raya’s boss, Frank, introduced Raya and Erik to his wife, Paige. Paige looked like a model from a magazine. She was dressed in a typical ‘little black dress’. It was short, revealing her beautiful long legs and low cut, almost revealing her full round breasts. Her impossible black high-heeled shoes completed the sexy picture. Erik’s eyes took in every detail Paige had to offer and he tightly squeezed Raya’s ass, out of view from their hosts.

Drinks were poured, dinner and dessert were eaten and more drinks were poured. After dinner Paige poured each of them a glass of port. Raya was concerned that Erik had far too much to drink, even though it wasn’t obvious to anyone but her.

“Raya,” Frank said, demanding her attention, “there’s a reason why I invited you to dinner tonight, but since you are a clever girl, you must have figured it out already.”
“She figured a promotion,” Erik said, but quickly looked at Raya when she kicked him under the table.
Frank smiled and nodded.
“Of course,” he said, “of course you figured that.”
He stared down at the table and, as if talking to himself, said: “I wonder how far you would go for a promotion.”

Raya was about to speak when Erik did.
“She will do anything for it. Anything, I tell you.”
“Anything?” Frank said and now looked straight at Raya. Her nipples hardened. The air around them seemed to have changed.
“Oh bossy-boy, anything!”
“Paige,” Frank addressed his wife, his eyes not moving away from Raya’s face, “please show our guests what you are wearing under your dress.”
Without any hesitation Paige stood up and walked around the table to stand between Erik and Raya. Moments later her upper body rested on the table, her dress pulled up, revealing her naked lower body.

“Oh wow,” Erik said, touching Paige’s naked butt, “this is just fabulous.”
Raya had shock written all over her face, but her pussy betrayed her. She was wet. Her nipples hard. She pressed her legs together, wanting and not wanting the feeling of lust to disappear.
“Come on, ya’ sexy bitch,” Erik said, awakening those butterflies again, “I bet you have something to show bossy-boy too!”
Raya didn’t move.
“The promotion is yours, Raya,” Frank said and Raya smiled in relief. With Erik obviously having had too much to drink, she was afraid that things might go awry.
“Thank you, Frank. I promise, you will not regr…”
“I know,” Frank waved her words away before she could continue.

Paige was still in the same position on the table. There was silence for a moment before Frank spoke again.
“I prefer to keep work separated from my private life. What happens here, will never influence what happens at the office.”
He allowed the words to hang in the air for a while.
“I value your mind and you’re good in your job, Raya, but I am interested in your body too,” Frank continued.
“See, I knew it!” Erik said and slammed his fist on the table, “come on wife-y, show bossy boy what you’re hiding.”
And then, in a totally different voice, as if he had not drunk one drop of alcohol, Erik continued: “I mean it. Now!”

As if in trance Raya got up, walked to where Frank sat, turned her back to him and slowly pulled up her skirt. Bit by bit she revealed her stockings, her lace string and naked buttocks, her garter belt. She spread her legs, her hands on her hips, holding her skirt.
“Oh baby,” Erik said, “that’s good! Now turn around and show Frank what you’re hiding under the pretty lace.”
Raya turned around. In one smooth move Erik pulled her string down. Raya’s pussy was almost level with Frank’s face. He looked at her clean-shaven cunt for several minutes before lifting his hand and running his finger between her lips, through her wetness. A delicious, horny shiver ran through Raya’s body.
“She’s so fucking hot,” Erik said, watching Frank touch his wife, while one of his hand still rested on Paige’s behind.
Frank brought his finger to his mouth and licked Raya’s juices from it.

“Shall we go the playroom?”

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  1. What a lovely story to read first thing. I love the frisson of work and pleasure mixing. But wouldn’t really want the risk. But in fantasies oh yes. Thank you for letting us imagine more too. So many writers feel the need to fill in every detail whereas it’s not necessary to tell the story as readers have imaginations too … 🙂

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