Biker Babe

I have only been on a motorcycle one, back when I was about 15 and never since.

Yes, I owned two mopeds, one when I was about 18 and the other when I was close to 30, but I never sat on a motorcycle again. I never was one to ‘dress for it’ so never wore leather clothing or leather-like clothing in the time I owned those mopeds, but when I got the chance to pose as a biker babe with someone else’s leather jacket, of course I did!

20151003 (165)wm breast leather jacket
Posing as a sexy biker babe
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15 thoughts on “Biker Babe

  1. Oooh . . . your leather jacket and tattoo making this very authentic Marie . . . if I hadn’t read your words I would’ve thought it was one of your Polaroids Past!!!
    Xxx – K

  2. The hair and the tattoo absolutely make this image b and how cool and sexy do you look?

  3. You have the perfect name for a biker chick 😉
    you look so natural in the leather jacket and sexy as fuck!!
    and I would love to give you a ride with me on “Chubby” (my Harley-Davidson Fatboy) any time you wish. 🙂

  4. Sexy indeed! I’ve never sat on a motorcycle, though I had a learner’s permit for a short while.

    ~Kazi xxx

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