A Scavenger Hunt Journey

On the last night of our celebratory hotel stay in November 2015, Master T and I embarked on a Scavenger Hunt journey. Before the weekend we had already done our homework, identifying different locations where we find do scavenger hunt locations. Believe me, the surroundings were rich with locations and we have not even done half of them. This just means that we will have to go back there one night, either when we stay in the hotel again, or just drive there and do those. We do know now that the Sunday night is the best night to do it, as on the other nights the streets are filled with people going out in the city.

Before we embarked on this evening journey, we had no idea what clothes I would wear for the photos. During the weekend an idea formed…

In the week before our hotel stay I ordered sexy things and one of those items was a net dress. Long sleeves, short, but most importantly, fairly open. Even if I wore it, I would essentially be naked. We decided that I should add net tights and shoes, and cover all of that with my winter coat. Voila, the outfit was chosen – a outfit that would ensure that all I had to do to get a notch for the Scavenger Hunt was to open my coat.

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At first, when we just started with the Scavenger Hunt, Master T wanted to take photos with a good composition and which we could look back at and say “wow, such a great photo”. We have long let go of that. We still say “wow”, but now it’s because we remember the fun we had getting such a location, and not because it shows off any photography skills.

At this moment the page for the Scavenger Hunt is closed, but it will be updated and it will find a new home by the end of 2015. In the coming weeks I will try to post one Scavenger Hunt location every week. By the time I reach the end, there will no doubt be more locations I can share, as the scavenger hunt challenge never is done!


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6 thoughts on “A Scavenger Hunt Journey

  1. That’s a great outfit, Rebel 🙂 I look forward to seeing all the pics you got!

    xx Dee

  2. Cool dress ! Sounds like awesome fun 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the scavenger site up and running in its new home. Humbly twigs.

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