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During our holiday we visited Amsterdam. I haven’t been in the Red Light District for about 4 years and before that time I think I have been there about 5 times. I’m definitely not a regular, but I have a rather good memory of places I have been. In the lift on our way down to the city, two women stepped in. We were talking about whether we would or would not go to the Red Light District when one of the women asked where it was. It was literally just around the corner from where we would exit the parking garage. From their accent it was clear that they were both from Amsterdam and it surprised me when they said that they had never been to the Red Light District before. I offered to show them where they should go.

From the parking garage we walked about 20 meters and rounded the corner into a very short street. Right in front of us, only about 50 meters away, was the first sex shop. By now I really wanted to take a peek inside, for old times sake. I have told the women where they should go (turn to the right, then the first left and they would be at the big church in the Red Light District. From there they would definitely be okay to find their own way. I paid no more attention to them and went inside the sex shop, which mainly sells all kinds of condoms. As I turned around in the shop I was surprised to see the two women behind me. I stepped outside about five minutes later and we decided to just follow the street. When I glanced back, the two women were following me. I realized that they felt a but unsure of themselves and then offered to walk them to the church.

Off we went…

There’s a square in front of the church, the side where we were standing. This square is more like a half moon running around the church and across from the church there are several rooms for prostitutes. Some of those rooms were occupied and the ladies were open for business. I told the ladies that if they walked around the church, they would see some of the working ladies and then they would come back to the same spot and could go back to where we started and continue with their shopping trip. I wanted to leave them there, but they looked so lost that we decided to walk them around the church.

As we passed the first window where a lady was smiling at us dressed in a beautiful lingerie set, one of the women turned her head to the other side and looked up a the tower of the church.
“How long has this church been here?” she asked me.
“I have no idea, but I imagine quite long if you look at the lovely architecture,” I answered, amused that she was treating me like their touring guide.
I looked back to the other side and saw another lady behind the window, waiting for a customer. I smiled at the lady and actually was surprised at myself. Years ago, when I walked there too, I avoided the eyes of the woman, not wanting them to know that I was intrigued by them.

“The church is much more interesting,” the woman next to me said again. Her friend laughed loudly, glanced up at the church and then back to the ladies. By now we were halfway around the one side of the church and I too was looking up at the lovely art work on the church.
“Oh wow, look, a sex shop,” I heard the same woman speak again.
I turned around and my jaw dropped. As shy as she was to look at the prostitutes, just as quickly she disappeared inside the sex shop. Her friend laughed and started to follow her. Then she stopped, turned to me, half turned away again and then she turned back.
“You seem to know things. Can you recommend me a sex toy? A vibrator? To get off quickly?”

I smiled.
So many feelings rushed through me then. Confidence. Pride. Professionalism. Not an bit of shyness. I didn’t blush, didn’t feel like I need to run away, didn’t excuse myself for my knowledge. No, I turned around and looked at the window. There it was – the Doxy! I told her that if she really wanted to get off quickly, the Doxy was the toy for her. She wanted something smaller and I told her which toy she should ask for. She happily went into the store and we walked on, turning the corner to the left to continue with what we were originally planning to do.

I can’t express in words how meeting these two women, showing them where to be and especially the giving of advice on sex toys made me feel. Somewhere I have gained a huge amount of self-confidence. This blog is in it’s 6th year, I’ve hosted a writing group for almost 3 years now and I’ve attended Eroticon three times. I truly believe that being part of this supporting sex blogging community, being able to be myself, to express myself… all of this has built my confidence to this point where I can give a total stranger advice about buying sex toys. I like this!

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5 thoughts on “Tour Guide in the Red Light District

  1. Wonderful post . . . made me smile too !
    Will have to tell you my own memories of my first, and only, visit to the Red Light District there 30 years ago. (Live show, Hubby . . . and a banana! LOL!!!)
    Xxx – K

  2. Oh Rebel this post made me smile!

    I think those ladies were very fortunate to have ran into you. I would love to explore the Red Light District with you… Such fun!

    I understand what you mean about growing in confidence as a result of sex blogging. I’ve been blogging about sex for a year now and already I have noticed my shyness decreasing and my willingness to share more about myself is growing. This is from a woman who would never, ever have “admitted” to even mastrurbating before and who now tweets about it!

    Let’s celebrate our growth and our goal to create a place where we can just be ourselves, without fear of judgement… Yes?!

    Kat x

    1. I am celebrating with you! This blogging community is one of the best things to be part of 🙂 xox

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