HRT Revisited

It’s been exactly six weeks since my last post for The Menopause Diaries and this means I have used HRT for about 8 weeks now. I definitely see a huge improvement, and one downside, even though I don’t know if the downside is really because of the meds or something else.

Sleep & Yawning

I have gone through months of bad nights and yawning all day through. Even when I slept rather well, I still yawned all day through. I found a remedy for this: chewing gum. I chewed chewing gum all day through, then at least I didn’t yawn. Because when I yawn I get tears in my eyes which bugger up my make-up which make my eyes burn… well you get the picture. One of the first things I noticed after I started taking the HRT is that I didn’t yawn as much anymore. I also realized I’m sleeping better. Yes, I still have my mornings when I feel tired and wish I can go back to bed for hours, and I still have my days where I yawn more than others, but there’s a significant improvement and I believe that the tablets I’m taking is the cause of this.

Hot Flashes


Two weeks into using the tablets I still had severe hot flashes. I worried about the dosage I should take and was advise to either double it, or half it. I doubled it for some days and didn’t see any improvement, so decided to go back to the original dosage and give it some time before I try halving it. I’m so happy that I did this. After another two weeks I started to notice the difference. I was not as sweaty anymore during the night and in the mornings, which were quite bad for me with showering and getting dressed, I had less hot flashes. Even better was that the hot flashes I had during the day was almost gone. Only sometimes did I feel a bit flushed but it disappeared very quickly. Thinking about this, I must say that the night sweats weren’t what bothered me the most. I hated the hot flashes during the day, because it made me feel dirty. I’m always afraid people might smell me and the thought of this during or after hot flashes made me feel insecure. I’m so happy that the HRT has hugely improved this and I can at least feel more sure about myself again.


Funnily enough it was only when my libido returned that I realized it was gone. When I started thinking about sex again at any random time during the day, I realized that I haven’t done so in months. I’ve always been a very sexual person and thought about sex several times during the day. My drives to work and back home frequently were filled with thoughts about sex. Sex of the previous night, sex I craved or thoughts about playing with myself in the car. Many times I did play with myself, putting a mini fairy vibrator against my clit and driving to work or home with it buzzing away. I can tell you, it’s intense. But for months I never had these thoughts, never had the cravings. And suddenly they were back. Not as strong as they were before, but they were there again. The thoughts were back. The cravings were back. I haven’t played with the mini fairy yet, but the thought has crossed my mind many times. The idea of sex disappearing from my life is terrifying and even though I didn’t notice that it was gone, I’m glad that it’s back!


This is the one thing that I don’t know whether it’s because of the HRT or not. I am gaining weight and I cannot seem to lose it. Now I have to say that I have been fooling around with my diet. No, I am not ON a diet, but I do have a fructose intolerance that started about three years ago. I can eat very little fruit and have to be careful with foods containing sugar (and believe me: that’s a lot of food!). I don’t eat any bread anymore, because it leaves me either nauseous or with tummy ache. I have noticed lately that potatoes tend to do that too. Sometimes I eat cookies (because damn, I like them) and then I have tummy aches too. Because I am so tired of tummy ache and feeling bloated and uncomfortable, I have changed my diet. I have found that eating more fat (good fats such as in yoghurt with 10% fat and nuts and avocado) my tummy doesn’t get upset at all. My breakfast and lunch are both according to a high fat and low carbs diet. My dinner is just… well normal. I am slowly gaining weight and not liking it one bit. I have no idea why this is. Menopause or diet? I will find out…

Summarizing, I can only say that I am very happy with the HRT and I have already ordered the next bottle. I’m hooked!

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