Tenth and final update: 101 things in 1001 days


This past Sunday my list of 101 things in 1001 days came to an end. I started it on 13 January 2013 and in hindsight I can say that some goals were far too ambitious, or the time was just not right to have those goals. On the other hand, many goals were great to help me focus on things I want and wanted to do, but always postponed for any given reason.

Let me give you a summary of the goals that I have completed, those that I have failed and the ones that are still in progress and which will be done, even after this list has closed. All the goals will show the numbers they had on the original list, where you can also find more information about the progress of specific goals.

Contents of this post

Goals done

1. Write a bio for Marie Rebelle
2. Enter at least 5 writing competitions
6. Submit at least 10 stories for possible publication in anthologies.
9. Participate in NaNoWriMo 2014
10. Continue and complete the story I started for NaNoWriMo 2012
12. Rewrite any classical tale into a sexual fantasy
13. Read and review at least 15 erotic books
15. Review rabbit vibrator
16. Review We-Vibe and Luna beads
17. Blog about relationship with a disabled man
19. Write an erotic story with a man as the main character
20. Write on 20 creative prompts
21. Make a list of 50 sexy things I have done
22. Make a sex bucket list with 25 items on it
23. Write 5 sex information posts
24. Read 3 books from a banned books list
25. Gain at least 20 notches for the Scavenger Hunt
26. Learn to photoshop my photos
27. Post 25 photo manipulations
28. Partake in ToyWithMeTuesday 10 times
29. Compete the 26 by 26 photo challenge
30. Take a sexy picture starting with each letter of the alphabet
31. Partake in the 365 project at least once
34. Have 5 orgasms for 15 consecutive days
36. Wear my buttplug for 10 consecutive days
37. Have a MMF threesome
38. Have my ass marked at least 10 times
40. Have at least 10 play dates
43. Have sex with a woman at least 5 times
45 Use the clitoris/pussy pump
47. Perform for Master T and at least one other person
48. Have my pussy and breasts whipped for at least 10 minutes on 10 consecutive days
51. Buy another quality garter belt
54. Wear no panties for 30 consecutive days
56. Wear stockings for at least one day a week for six months
59. Wear short skirts for 30 consecutive days
63. Design my own tattoo
64. Have another big tattoo done
65. Visit Eroticon 2013 and blog about it
66. Visit Eroticon 2014 and blog about it
67. Visit Eroticon 2015 and blog about it
69. Kiss Molly at Eroticon 2013
70. Organize at least 10 meetings for Erotic Meet Netherlands
73. Meet at least 20 tweeps in person
74. Leave at least 50 of my business cards in public places
79. Be interviewed as Marie Rebelle
80. Strictly keep to my (medical) diet for 15 consecutive days
81. Drink 1 liter of water for 30 consecutive days
82. Get a professional pussy waxing
83. Go for a pedicure at least 5 times
84. Have a hot stone massage
85. Have an erotic massage
87. Wear each pair of shoes I own at least once
88. Throw out all shoes that are no good anymore
89. Throw out a-sexy clothing and clothes I don’t wear anymore
92. Write a list of 25 things I like about myself
95. Watch ‘The Secretary’ with James Spader
96. Watch ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’
97. Reach a million views on my blog
98. Reach half a million views on my domain
101. Get my Alexa ranking to 250.000 or higher

Goals failed

8. Participate in NaNoWriMo 2013
11. Rewrite WC for blog
14. Review the Lelo Insignia Tiani 2
18. Write 20 sponsored posts for EdenFantasys
32. Allow two men to make a full series of erotic photos of me
33. Buy several huge clothes for background of photos
35. Suck and swallow Master T for 10 consecutive days
39. Have my first DP
41. Attend at least one bondage workshop with Master T
42. Visit at least one BDSM play party
44. Do wax play at least 5 times
46. Wear the Tiani 3/We-Vibe at least 5 times to the shops
49. Masturbate on the hood of a car
50. Masturbate in the cinema
52. Buy at least two good fitting open cup bra’s
53. Wear an open cup bra at least 2 days per week for 6 months
55. Buy a pair of over the knee boots
60. Have food served on my body
61. Make 4 erotic paintings in my own studio
62. Make 10 erotic charcoal drawings in my own studio
71. Attend a party of Erotic Meet London
75. Visit the London Fetish Fair or the London Alternative Market
76. Go to the casino in sexy clothes at least 5 times
77. Go to a burlesque show
78. Go to a film festival to see erotic movies
86. Take at least one yoga class
90. Buy at least two pairs of ‘Irregular Choice’ shoes
91. Train my shoulders and arms for better bondage positions
93. Stay in a castle for a weekend
94. Visit Paris at least once
99. Reach at least 50 participants for one week on Wicked Wednesday
100. Reach at least 3456 Twitter followers

Goals not started

4. Complete part 3 of ‘Bus Tour’ and ‘Jailbird’.
5. Submit ‘Bus Tour’, ‘Jailbird’ and the third part to a publisher.

Goals in progress

3. Get a book deal with a publisher
7. Co-write at least 2 stories
57. Get a special set of drawers for all our sex toys
58. Place hooks in our bedroom for naughty fun
68. Be a speaker about writing/blogging
72. Go to sauna at least 10 times

About the goals in progress

I know the list is done, but I have left 6 goals with the status ‘in progress’, for different reasons:

Get a book deal with a publisher
As said in this goal, I have sent a book proposal to a publisher, but have never heard back from them. I have also sent a story that I have written out for potential publishing, but have not heard back from them either. About a week and a half ago, something amazing happened and being published suddenly is much closer than I ever could have imagined. More news on this will follow as soon as possible.

Co-write at least 2 stories
I have started a second story with a writing partner and this story has so much potential, that I want to continue writing it, with or without him. He is just incredibly busy and it might mean that I will continue without him. This story will be written, that part is for sure!

Get a special set of drawers for all our sex toys
We are still looking out for something that will fit our needs, and since our room is up for redecorating (which will probably happen in 2016) we will then find and buy something where we can store all our sex toys. It’s now scattered all over our bedroom in different bags and drawers, but we want all of it in one place.

Place hooks in our bedroom for naughty fun
The hooks have been bought and once we redecorate our room, these hooks will find their permanent place in the bedroom, be it the ceiling or the wall.

Be a speaker about writing/blogging
I was going to be a speaker this coming Saturday, but the conference have been postponed to the spring of 2016. I am still on the list of speakers. In the meantime I have a book fair where I will have a stand with some other authors. I am getting out there with my writing and helping other authors to get their work reviewed and promoted. Sometimes it’s scary but it’s also incredibly exciting.

Go to sauna at least 10 times
This is an ongoing thing between my best friend and me. We haven’t been able to go as much as we wanted to go in the 12-18 months, but we have a date to go in December, when our friendship will reach the nice number of 10 years!

Should you start a list?

If you like to make lists and work through them, or you need a way to organize your projects and keep focused, making a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days is a way to go about it. Once you start making the list, you will see that it’s not easy to get 101 things on it, but it tends to channel your thoughts. If you cannot work following a list, this is something you shouldn’t do at all.

If you make a list, make sure you have it somewhere where you see it frequently and that it can keep you on track with what you want to reach. Be realistic when you put goals on there, in other words, put things on there that you know is reachable, if you put some effort to it.

Another thing you might consider is to get someone to be your list buddy. Either you can put some goals on your list that you can work on together, or you can each make an own list and keep each other on track during the 1001 days.

Will I start a new list?

I am considering starting a new one, but I am still on that phase: considering. If I start one, it won’t be before sometime next year that I start it. I think I first want to be without a list for some time and focus on short term goals, which means I make a list for one day or for a week and hold me to it. I feel the 101 list is for long term goals and not for things you know you will do within one week, anyway. The 101 list is for bigger things, things you know will take some time to achieve, or that will take quite some work. To get a list of things together that don’t look too much like my first list, will be quite a challenge, so I think I will be in the ‘considering-phase’ for some time still.


As you can see from what I have written above and in my other 101 things in 1001 days posts (https://rebelsnotes.com/tag/101-things-in-1001-days/), this list definitely kept me focused, but still some things were too ambitious or at some time in the 1001 days it just wasn’t a thing anymore to reach the goal. We all grow as people and what might seem like something you just have to achieve one day, might be totally unimportant the next. Also, life happens around us, which means some things (like my sauna days) cannot happen as frequently as you would want. Also, outside factors can influence your list, like EdenFantasys stopping their sponsored post program or Erotic Meet London stopping to exist. Those are things you cannot know before the time. I enjoyed doing this, and even though my list buddy, Molly, and I didn’t talk about it every week, we had our occasional talks about it.

This was a great thing to do and time will tell whether there will be a second 101 list or not.

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5 thoughts on “Tenth and final update: 101 things in 1001 days

  1. Gosh, you have been incredibly busy!!
    I am so incredibly intrigued by the possible book publishing, I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a book too, so this gives me hope, and inspiration too.


  2. I’ve often thought about doing this, I tend to work at things more if I have a list and a time frame. There are some things I just keep putting off, the boring stuff like sorting out the garden, decorating and more interesting things like my painting and writing. And of course there are the really interesting things I’d like to do with Sir. I think I’m going to see if I can make a list of 101 things 🙂

  3. I’m continuing my 101 list, and considering I just started it not that long ago, I feel like it’s still manageable. Just as you stated though, some things I know I will not accomplish and I am okay with that.

    It’s great to read the finale and follow up to your list

  4. Congratulations! I am so impressed at how many you got done.

    You inspired me to start my own 101 list. You are right that coming up with that many things is hard, but I hope I can come close to how many you achieved.

    Good luck with your short term goals and I can’t wait to hear more about the possible publisher!

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