New Red Hair

This coming weekend Master T and I will check into a hotel. In fact, we are checking in this afternoon and will only be home again on Monday. Since we want to take a LOT of photos, I wanted to make sure that not one grey hair could be seen… because yes, I have too many of those. I am one of the unfortunate women who started going grey early in my twenties. I am not completely grey, but grey enough that I (for now) want to hide it as much as possible.

My natural hair color (if you don’t count the grey hairs) is dark blond to light brown. Some years ago I was mostly blond, but one day I decided to take the leap and I asked the hairdresser to change it. I wanted my hair to be red. Actually, for quite some time I wasn’t really red, but a coppery color, which kept my hair between my own natural color and red. When my hair was freshly colored, it looked perfect for about three weeks and then the color started to fade. It still looked nice and in the sun it still had that coppery shine, but it wasn’t really red anymore. I found myself wanting more. I want to be red, not copper. Red!

To prepare for our hotel stay and all those photos Master T wants to take, I decided to go to the hairdressers to get my hair colored again. I had the appointment last week. I told her that I wanted red. Really red. She showed me a couple of samples and I chose the color I wanted. It wasn’t much different than what I had, except that it wasn’t classified as copper, but as red.

I was SO happy with the result that I wanted to show it off. I sat on the edge of the bed that same evening, my hair already in a ponytail for the night, when I grabbed my phone and started taking photos. The thought struck me that it would make a perfect image for boob day. Even though I was trying to show off my hair, my boobs didn’t look bad either!


2015-10-22 23.01.39a-wm
Showing off my… uh… hair!
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The next day I mentioned my hair on Twitter and received this mention:

I didn’t mind showing my hair off one more time, even though this times my boobs were covered as I was in my office.


2015-10-23 07.44.17wm
My new red hair. I hope this color stays nice a lot longer than the copper I had before.
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I love my new red hair and can hardly wait to see how it will look on the white couch we will have in our room this weekend!

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