Needles & Pins

The moment I saw these clamps, back when Master T ordered them, I feared them. And I was right to do so, because damn, they are intense!

20130523-016wm clamps nipple
Two types of clamps on my nipples. The clamps with the needles hurt like hell, but looking at this image makes me long for it. Irrational, I know…
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21 thoughts on “Needles & Pins

  1. How do the needles feel?
    I wonder if it’s sharper more active and acute than the other squeezy pressure kind?

  2. It is irrational, but I’m the same, longing for it but dreading it. Wanting it to stop but wanting it to continue. Not sure about the needles though 🙂

  3. Oh, oh, oh! Those needle clamps would have me through the roof, I think, (I am *terrible* with prickly sensations) but some sneaky, masochistic part of me also wonders what they might feel like … (Shh! Don’t tell M! :-/)

    Jane xxx

  4. delicious image I bet they hurt but they hurt in a way that makes you crave more I know the feeling all to well great image

  5. Wow! We both went for clampalicious posts this week. Yours looks amazing… and scary… and sexy… with a huge amount of eek mixed with wondering if I would hate that the right way. Xxx

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