Morning Erection

morningwoodIn the first week that we were back to work after our summer holidays, we were still trying to get back into our morning routines. I always get up first and go for a shower and when I get back in the bedroom, Master T is either in his chair, getting dressed or he’s still in bed and get up the moment I put on the light. We have ceiling spots that can get quite warm if you stand under them for a while. So this specific morning I put on the spots, then walked around the bed, switched on the bedside lamp and walked back around the bed to switch off the ceiling lights again. At that stage Master T was just getting out of the bed and that’s when I saw it.

His morning erection.

It was the most beautiful thing.

The head of his cock peaked out from his underpants. It actually pushed his underpants open. His cock was so hard, so beautiful. I involuntarily licked my lips. I didn’t miss a step on my way to the light switch and when I turned around to walk back, Master T just turned around to sit down on his chair. I didn’t look at his face. I looked at his cock and thought: I would love him to fuck me now. I actually don’t like morning sex, but at that moment I wouldn’t have minded for him to take me right there, to use me only to get rid of his erection.

Of course I said nothing, partly because I never express my sexual wishes and partly because we just don’t have time in the morning. I tell you, if something happens to upset my morning routine, I will be late at work as I give myself just enough time every morning to do what I have to do and then I have to leave for work to be on time. So I just let this go.

All I could think of all day was Master T’s beautiful cock. I constantly saw that image in front of me, of his cock peeking out of his underpants, pushing them open, standing proud. I imagined myself on my knees in front of him, taking his member in my mouth and sucking it until he comes in my mouth. I imagined myself on all fours, him fucking me from behind. I imagined myself stroking and kissing his cock. I imagined myself giving him a hand-job and allowing him to come over my tits. I imagined so many things that I had difficulty concentrating on my work. I was wet all day and came home wet, still thinking of his cock.

That sight, that morning, was just one of the most beautiful things I have seen and the image will stay with me for a very long time. Forever probably. Maybe one day, one morning we will have enough time to make use of his morning erection.

It’s such a shame to let that go to waste!

© Rebel’s Notes

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