This last week I have been incredibly busy. Okay, I am always busy, that’s true. For some weeks now I have been working on a business plan as I am starting up my own company. But, that is not what kept me busy. No, it was something totally different.

I saw this tweet and knew I had to get into action…

Back when Chloë started the Sexy Searching meme, I encouraged her to do so. Seeing the tweet and understanding that the meme might disappear, I knew I had to get into action. I contacted Chloë and suggested to run the meme for her until she could do so again, or to take it over. She preferred the latter.

Now as you all know (or not), besides Wicked Wednesday, I also run two other memes: The Fellatio Project and The Menopause Diaries. Wicked Wednesday has it’s own home, but both the other memes are run on this site. They are in the drop-down menu under Memes & Projects, but tend to move too far to the background. It has been bothering me for some time, but it was only when I knew I was going to take over the Sexy Searching meme that I knew what to do: a new site. A new subdomain. And while I was at it, I decided to create two new sites. More about the second site in a moment.

launchedThe first new site I want to present to you is: Rebel’s Sexy Memes. This site now is the home of three memes: The Menopause Diaries, Sexy Searching and The Oral Sex Project. What? Ah yes, of course, what happened to The Fellatio Project? It has evolved into The Oral Sex Project, since I want to hear stories not only about sucking cock, but also about eating pussy. All posts that have been linked for The Fellatio Project are still there, but of course I am looking for more. Tell me about your oral sex experiences, whether you were on the giving or the receiving side, whether it was good or bad. I want to know all. You can download the button code from the new site.

As for the Sexy Searching meme, I have made a slight change to the rules, with regard to the dates. For the rest it is the same, of course with the difference that you should now link back to my site instead of Chloë’s. I’m excited about this new site and hope to see a lot of traffic coming it’s way. Please make sure that you subscribe to new posts so you don’t miss anything.

For all those who have linked posts on The Menopause Diaries, The Fellatio Project or Sexy Searching, don’t worry. The buttons on your posts will automatically refer to the new site.

The second new site – Marie A. Rebelle, Erotic Author – has everything to do with my writing, since it seems to be moving in a direction I really like. And besides that direction, I have other plans for it too… that’s the most I can say about it now. If you don’t want to miss anything, please subscribe to new posts in the footer.

Due to these two new sites, some things will change on Rebel’s Notes too in the coming days or weeks. Just depending on my time… I have many irons in the fire at this moment and I’m very excited about everything going on!

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9 thoughts on “Launched!

    1. There will be slight changes to Rebel’s Notes but other than that it stays the same as it is now 🙂

  1. Just trying to catch-up with some of my emails etc. etc. . . . so have only just got to read your post here.
    I also don’t know just how you do it . . . but will be reading through them all with great excitement . . . and envy!!!
    Xxx – K

  2. Way to go!! I can’t keep up with one site lately let alone multiple sites and memes. Kudos to you and Molly both for all the work you do. I will be sure to check out the new sites and the Sexy Searching meme.


  3. Yay for you rebel!
    You have been a busy girl! Congrats on starting your new business… You’ll have to tell us more about that.
    And of course I have subscribed your new sites and am looking forward to reading and participating…
    Much love
    Kat x

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