It’s All About Color

I never wear these necklaces anymore, but when I found them the other day, I just had to use them for a photo.

20150823-004a-wm breasts
I’m very happy with how this photo came out, and looking at it just made me realize again how much I love my breasts.
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18 thoughts on “It’s All About Color

  1. Love colour! And I particularly like the way the ones in the various necklaces make the tones in your tattoo pop from your skin. Fab shot. Jane xxx

  2. Same here, sometimes I see the odd one I think is really lovely but I then I realise there is no point in buying one as I won’t ever wear it. My neck is taken up by other beautiful things


  3. Very pretty indeed! You are so right to be proud of your body (I wish more women were).
    Thank you for sharing your, well, in a way they are all colourful collars, aren’t they?

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