I Don’t Like Dirty Panties

During my almost six years of blogging I have come across women who sell their dirty panties and actually have quite a good running business doing so. Even though I totally understand and respect that there are people out there who love dirty panties, this is just not my kink.

When I saw the prompt and immediately dismissed it in my head as not interesting, I was curious to understand just why this is not my kink. It is not that I don’t like the smell of a pussy. In fact, the musky smell can be incredibly exciting, and I know that there are many people out there who go crazy for it. There are even some companies that subtly work the scent into lotions meant to heighten the libido of partners and have quite some success with it. The smell of a pussy is something wonderful, but not if it’s attached to underwear. Then I don’t like it.

I think my dislike of dirty panties go way back to my childhood. I was one of the unfortunate few to contract the candida ‘virus’ at a very young age. Just like herpes, once you have candida, it never leaves your body. I was five when I had my first vaginal infection and believe me, I had many of those long before I was an adult. One of the telltale signs that a woman has a vaginal infection, is a yellowy discharge in her panties. I have learned to hate those and still check my panties e-v-e-ry time I go to the loo. Back when I was a teenager and young adult I used to feel dirty and ashamed when I had a vaginal infection. I don’t anymore.

I love panties, especially fun ones, as long as they’re not dirty!

Master T has taught me not to be ashamed. The way he taught me was simply to accept that vaginal infections are something that is part of me. I don’t get them a lot, but I do. I have learned to recognize things that start them, such as sex toys made of the ‘wrong’ material, certain kinds of condoms and rough sex. Some of those things I can avoid, but something like rough sex cannot be avoided. Or rather, I don’t want to avoid it. Then I just take incredibly good care of my pussy after that and mostly I can avoid an infection.

Okay, back to dirty panties…

I love panties, but I prefer them to be clean. I will never smell dirty panties of someone else, and I would die of shame if someone smelled mine. I would be so afraid that I ‘stink’ and that I nauseate them. I know these fears are ridiculous, but I just can’t help it.

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7 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Dirty Panties

  1. I’m so glad I’m not alone in this! I love the smell of pussy but I just can’t enjoy sniffing it from panties. I’ve been tempted to try and sell but my heart would never be in it.

  2. I wasn’t particularly interested in it until I met a couple – one who sold, and one who bought – who were into it. I think some of its the power of scent to override the rational brain, pheromones, memories and connections. It’s such a basic primitive sense. Even Lelo have brought out a scented sex toy – but to be honest I have serious concerns about that as it reaffirms the idea that women’s bodies are unhygienic and feed into fears like yours and quite frankly they can *f* off. Anyway back to panties … For me they are a physical manifestation of arousal, if mine get soaked during the day being reminded of the cause as the dampness rubs against me in a meeting later … That I like.

    1. I should have included in my post that the only times I like my panties ‘dirty’ is when I am soaked by arousal or when his cum leaks from my pussy. But then I don’t see my panties as ‘dirty’. It’s just different and that part I don’t know how to explain…

  3. I’m with you! It’s a kink I couldn’t participate in on any level; I wish I could because I hear it’s a lucrative business!

  4. i am happy that you did not dismiss this, and decided to explore why you do not like this particular kink. i love that about you, you are always so beautifully honest and that is damn sexy…xxx

    1. Thank you hun! I never want to skip a KOTW topic, because I might just discover something about myself that I didn’t know.

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