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Hello sexy readers!

It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but it’s also been a while since Rebel and her master took me anywhere with them. Okay, granted. They went to Eroticon and they took me with them, but there’s very little photo evidence of that. Then they went out for lunch with another couple, but I wasn’t allowed to go with them. The first time they took me with them again was when they went away for a weekend with another sexy couple.

The very first night I had proof that I am famous. A lovely woman – Rebel’s friend – asked where I was. Rebel brought me out of my hiding and the rest of the night I was right there, watching them. Both women were whipped and fingered and both of them had orgasms. Rebel lay on the couch, her head on the other woman’s lap. She turned her head and sucked the nipples of the other woman and it was obvious that she was enjoying it. I wonder if it really was as hot in the room as I remember…

2015-10-03 19.25.18wm
Rebel paid me little attention. She was more interested in the lady behind me…
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The next day they went out and left me in the house. I wasn’t very happy about it but hey, what could I do? When they returned late in the afternoon I heard that they would be going out to dinner and guess what? Rebel took me with them! She sat me right on the table so I could watch all of them, but no one paid any attention to me. I grabbed Rebel’s glasses and joked around with them, but Rebel only had eyes for the woman behind me. There, look a the photo. You can see the red dress of the woman behind me. Rebel paid little attention to me and I felt like I wanted to drown myself in her master’s whiskey. Not that I think he would’ve appreciated that!

This got me thinking about the ‘fifth wheel’ thing. You know, I don’t mind to be the fifth wheel when the two couples are busy with whippings and sex, but being the fifth wheel when out for dinner… I don’t think I like it. I might just have to tell Rebel this, tell her to give more attention to me when they are out for dinner. She will listen to me, I’m sure of that.

Then again, maybe I would not talk to her…

You see, on the second day they went out again and from their talking I understood that they went to the same place as the day before. They went into the woods and before long both women were half naked and the men started taking photos. Oh hot damn, that was nice to watch! Sexy and hot and just incredible how beautiful those two women were together. It’s obvious that they like each other a lot as things just seemed to come to them so naturally.

Rebel said she would use some of the images on her blog. One of them already appeared on the day that they returned from that weekend, and there’s a lot more to come.

Maybe being the fifth wheel is not so bad after all…

Stay sexy and be naughty!

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