Dangerously Close

Remember the toy from Überkinky that we tested some time ago?

Here you see it dangerously close to my sensitive bits.

In the meantime those same bits have been acquainted with this pointy toy.

20150822-010a-wm dragon claws
Those points are not sharp at all, until they touch you right there!
(click to enlarge)

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19 thoughts on “Dangerously Close

  1. Oh that is making me tingle in all of the right ways!

    As for the fb thing, I’m so sorry, I’d love to ‘like’ your page but I don’t do Facebook. They’re so bloody invasive it scares me!

  2. Gorgeous macro!

    I had that FB thing happen to a vanilla friend who had used a pseudonym for so long that it was how everyone knew him; he had to start using his real name but put his pseudonym in parentheses. I know that doesn’t help in this case… and I know several of us will be in the same boat if FB catches on!

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. My initial reaction with your photo was, “Oh my, what is that?”
    I am sorry about how FB is treating you. I am trying to build more of a social following being more active in Tumblr, Reddit, Imgur and Google +

  4. I actually considered not going back to FB, but there are reasons (which I cannot reveal just yet) why I might ‘need’ Facebook in the near future and therefore I am trying to build my readers base there again. I hate what FB has done to me, but I will not be defeated.

  5. Oh wow! This is the most erotic sinful Sunday I’ve seen today! That toy looks amazing and I want one!
    What a perfect picture Rebel!
    Kat x

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