Shiny Black

The September prompt of Sinful Sunday is to explore the eroticism of clothes. Ever since I have seen the prompt, I have thought about different things we could do, but finally I decided to keep it simple. We have an extensive archive of photos and there are so many photos that have not been used yet, but are really lovely. When searching through those archives I eventually had two photos which I considered for this prompt. The one I didn’t choose shows my face from such an angle that I won’t be recognized, possible not even by people that know me. Who knows, I might use that photo for a future Sinful Sunday, but this week I settled on one that shows my love for beautiful shoes. I have shown off quite a lot of my shoes on this blog already, but this week I am combining my love for heels with my love for black and read. Isn’t it just a stunning combination?

20120206-030wm heels valentine
Black & red – my favorite colors!
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Another thought just struck me: today is exactly a year ago that I hurt my foot horribly, leaving me using crutches for 9 weeks. It took months before I dared to wear heels again. Last winter I couldn’t wear my sexy high-heeled boots and I am definitely looking forward to wearing them this year!

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23 thoughts on “Shiny Black

  1. Oh wow, those shoes are so sexy! The black and red look super hot together. Serious shoe envy!! Xxx

  2. OH MY GOD!!!! Sorry, I have a severe shoe addiction and these are divine!!! And the fishnets? Oh. Oh. Oh. And the red buckles? Sexy, sexy, sexy! xox

  3. Those heels are so sexy, and there’s something about the red straps going a bit further across that makes me think of bondage.
    I’m excited to wear my high heeled boots, though I only wear them for an hour at the most, as I don’t have a tolerance for heels of any kind yet.

  4. You have such beautiful shoes! I’m envious in the fact that you are able to wear them. My knee just won’t co-operate….

  5. Huh – I originally thought there was red rope around your ankles! Those are amazing shoes, and all the more impressive for being something I could never wear 🙂

    xx Dee

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