Rattan Cane With Suede Handle

You know I’m a fan of spanking and caning, right? Okay, not really of caning, but I do love a good spanking and sometimes, just sometimes, I even ask Master T if he would use the cane. I hate it when he does, but sometimes I just crave it. I dream of him using the cane and me admiring the results the next morning.

Unfortunately this is not really reality. The only cane we use at home is our RVS cane, because that makes no noise. Yes, most canes do have a specific sound to it when it rushes through the air towards the subject, and also when it lands on the subject.

Still, when I saw the rattan cane in the Überkinky list, I wanted to test it.

Packaging & Contents

20150913-003a-wm cane
The suede handle of the cane
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The cane came in a sealed, clear plastic bag, which had a protective layer around it so the cane wouldn’t break during shipment.

Shape ‘n Size & Material

The cane is made of rattan and the handle is made of black suede, which feels quite soft. The toy doesn’t contain any latex or phthalates. The total length of the cane is just more than 58 centimeters. The diameter of the cane is 7mm whereas the handle has a diameter of 1.4 centimeter. The cane is manufactured by Stockroom.

Our experience with the product

Now there is a little story to be told here. Normally Master T and I choose a product together, but this time I just went ahead and ordered the rattan cane. I think I was trying to tell him something, that it was like a request: I want to feel the cane, I want to be hurt. He understood the message and very soon after we have received the cane, he took it in his hand, swished it through the air and smiled. I was lying on my back on the bed. He walked over to me and told me to move my hands away from my body. He started out softly, gradually increasing the intensity with which the cane touched my skin.

Sometimes he intentionally hit me a bit harder, touching a nipple or the soft underside of my breast. The strikes of the cane moved down to my legs. By now I had been told to spread my legs, which I did. Now I can tell you, feeling even the gentlest of strikes on my labia made me want to close my legs. But I was smiling. Even though at times it hurt, this is what I wanted. This is why I just went ahead and ordered the cane.

20150913-006wm cane
The rattan point of the cane
(click to enlarge)

This rattan cane is different from the other two canes we own (RVS and plastic – I love the first and hate the second). Even though it’s thinner and even though I know Master T didn’t use it full force, but was just gently trying it out, I know I am going to love this cane better than the plastic one. Yes, it will hurt me, but not in the same way as the plastic one.

Our opinion of the product

Master T said it felt good in his hand, that the length is just right and that it makes little to no sound when used. I am happy with this cane because of the little sound it makes (when something makes too much sound, my thoughts are consumed with ‘can the kids hear us?’ and I don’t get to enjoy whatever we are using). For now I am also happy that this cane hurts, but not as much as the plastic one. I say ‘for now’, because I have no idea how it will feel when Master T puts some more force behind his swing.

I do know I am curious to see the marks this cane leaves…

Where to buy?

The Rattan Cane With Suede Handle can be bought from Überkinky for 20 pounds.

Thank you to Überkinky for sending the cane free of charge for an honest review.

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