Picture Framing

There are a couple of different ways to do picture framing.

I prefer the sexy way…

20140621-083wm heels breasts
We all do things in hotel rooms that we will never do at home. And even if we do it at home, it won’t be as much fun as doing it in a hotel room!
(click to enlarge)

© Rebel’s Notes

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21 thoughts on “Picture Framing

  1. You look fantastic in this pic, great hair-colour against the background. Allows our imagination to run wild with the fun things we could do in a hotel room. Thank you for this picture. Twigs at hundred acres.

  2. This deserves to be in a frame itself! You look incredible, and I love your vibrant hair and soft pink skin against the white wall and linen. Amazing! Xxx

  3. Oh a Rebel! I do love you! That picture made me snort!
    It is such a fun, sexy photo and your red hair pops beautifully.
    I too love hotel rooms… So much fun to be had.
    Brilliant photo babe x

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