If I Could Choose My Dream


I almost never remember my dreams, but if I do, they stay with me for most of my day. Sometimes even much longer, depending on the dream. I have some recurring dreams, or dreams with recurring themes, like running somewhere, feeling my legs and feet getting heavier and eventually not being able to move anymore. I also still remember a dream I had about a giant spider (I hate spiders) which didn’t hurt me, even though it was about a hundred times bigger than me. Sometimes I wake up with tears on my cheeks when I had an immensely sad dream. It also happened on some occasions that I woke up feeling disturbed, because of what I have dreamed. Sometimes I have erotic dreams, but I don’t always like the things that happens in my dreams, like the one time I dreamed about an erotic auction and I was bought by our CEO, a man I detest.

At night, when we go to bed and after I have given Master T a goodnight kiss and I lie down, ready to let sleep take me, I always think of sex. Sex with Master T, sex with strangers or sex with people I want to have sex with. Many times I hope these conscious ‘dreams’ will carry over into my subconscious and I will dream about those delicious things all night long.

Somehow it never happens. But, what if I could make it happen. What would I want to dream about? Or who?

You see, I can consciously think about this and ‘dream’ about this before I really fall asleep, but then I am still held back by my inhibitions, by society’s rules I have to follow. Once I have fallen asleep, my dreams can go anywhere… anything can happen… nothing will be too much.

Currently there’s one person I would love to dream about…

We are currently preparing for a weekend away, but we will not be going alone. We are going with a lovely couple. I’ve met the lady some years ago and from that very first time I saw her, she intrigued me. She’s beautiful and kind and sweet and sexy. Each time I saw her after that, she melted my heart with her beautiful eyes and gentle ways. I have pushed thoughts about the weekend away far away from my mind, as I wanted to make sure that it would really happen and now that I know it’s going to happen, my head is filled with thoughts.

If I had a choice, I would dream about her.

Just before I go to sleep at night, she fills my conscious thoughts. I would love to have her in my subconscious dreams too, and the possibility of this happening will grow the closer we get to the weekend away. As said, my conscious ‘dreams’ are limited by my own inhibitions, but in my subconscious things might go much further. Even so, in my conscious thoughts I go further than I might go when we are actually together. I imagine myself kissing her mouth, moving down to her neck, down to her breasts and gently kissing and licking her nipples, sucking them, maybe even lightly running my teeth over them. I want her to moan, to tell me she wants more. Then I want to kiss down towards her belly and further down until I end up between her legs, where I want to use my mouth and fingers to bring her to several orgasms.

My dreams go on… I see us naked together, but not in a sexual manner. We are naked, getting breakfast or lunch ready or just sitting somewhere in the cabin we have rented for the weekend. Neither of us feel self-conscious about our nakedness. We are just totally at ease with each other. We even go outside, still naked, and sit out in the sun together. We laugh, we talk, sometimes we kiss, we drink tea or wine… we just enjoy each other’s company. Of course our men are there too and there will be sex and if one of us is fucked by one of the men, it will just feel natural and good. But, everything is not about sex. It’s about being together, sharing on different levels, whether sexual or not. I wish I could dream about this, dream about the perfect weekend, together with her and our men.

Even though I want to dream about this, want to see this in my mind, want to experience it in my dreams, I also want to enter the weekend without expectation. Once before I entered a weekend with some expectation, based on previous experiences, and it left me disillusioned and upset for weeks. I don’t want to go through that again. All I want is to spend more than just an hour or two with that lovely lady, to know we will be together the entire weekend, share stories of our lives and share different kinds of sexy. It sounds like bliss to me!

If my subconscious doesn’t take the hint to dream about her, I will just dream about her with my eyes open.

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5 thoughts on “If I Could Choose My Dream

  1. ooooh, this is so luscious. i love the way you write. i have a very intimate realtionships with my dreams, and i have tried to dream about a particular person too!

  2. Yes I know what you mean . . . sometimes the “anticipation” is better than the “actuality”, but I’m so intrigued now to learn more about your lady. She sounds wonderfully interesting!!!
    Hope the actuality does go well . . . perhaps you can let us know, next Wednesday!!!
    Xxx – K

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