Hello Kitty!

As those who follow both me and Master T on Twitter know, Master T isn’t on there nearly as much as I am. He places the occasional tweet though, when he thinks it’s worthy of being placed. And yesterday he thought so indeed:


I decided that seeing it from the other side just might be worthy of Sinful Sunday. What do you think?

20150919-007wm hello kitty tights
I caught a lot of people in our rather conservative shopping center looking at my kitties… some with appreciation, some with disgust… some openly while others tried to hide it.
It’s fun to watch people!
(click to enlarge)

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27 thoughts on “Hello Kitty!

  1. I have (not for me to wear, obviously) bought some tights where there is a cat at the front and a tail printed at the back!

    Lovely picture 🙂

  2. Gosh, you have glorious legs! And those tights are so cute! Definitely worth sneaking a peak at if I saw you out in the shopping centre. Xxx

  3. Those stocking are awesome, Marie. And I totally agree re. people and their reactions – I rather enjoy watching the watchers, too! Jane xxx

  4. I always smile when I see an entry from you Rebel because I know it’s going to be good!
    I love your Hello Kitty nylons, they are sweet and sexy and fun all at once. I see why Master T wanted to share his view!
    The idea of you watching people admire or “tut tut” at you is so much fun! It’s great to shock people sometimes isn’t it?
    Great legs!
    Kat x

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