Upside Down

I had something totally different in mind of boobday and then, just before I stopped with this photo session, I snapped two more photos, of which this is one. In the past I’ve tried to snap these kind of photos too, but then somehow my tummy was on the photo too and I just didn’t like it. You know, everything hangs down and my tummy really looked double the size it is. It turns out that all I had to do was to come closer to the camera and be almost level with the camera.

20150823-026a-wm breasts
Wet hair, hard nipples… horny Rebel
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8 thoughts on “Upside Down

  1. super hot! Not only does it show off your boobs nicely, it makes me think about the fun you may be having in that position, 😉

  2. Nice photo 🙂
    It can be frustrating trying to get a particular shot when bits stick out or get in the way 🙂 this is a lovely angle.

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