The Feel of an Anal Hook

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As I scrolled down to look at the different search terms that have brought people to my site, I noticed that a lot was about anal hooks. Oh, there were other search terms I considered for this post, such as “lead me by my nipples” or “naked in pillory” or “horseback riding on dildo mounted”. But, I decided to stick with writing about an anal hook, because of the following search terms:

  • what is purpose of anal hook
  • anal hook ball
  • naked anal hook
  • what is an anal hook
  • what does it feel like to have an anal hook in your ass

This last question is easy to answer: it feels wonderful. But I guess the searcher was looking for a more elaborate answer than that. The anal hook is not something we use frequently, but the times we have used it, I really enjoyed the feeling. You can compare it to wearing a butt plug, but then there is an added dimension to it when a rope is tied to the eye on the other end, and the rope tied to something else, such as a bondage harness, a collar or even the hair of the sub. The tightness of the rope determines how ‘comfortable’ the anal hook feels. If you only have the hook in, it feels like a butt plug. Tightened with rope it puts some tension on the plug and can even hover on being painful, depending on the tightness of the rope.

I guess with that I have also answered the question of the purpose of an anal hook. In the end the ultimate purpose is to add a pleasurable sensation to bondage play. In my case it didn’t only add a sensation, but also contributed to my feeling of surrender, of doing what he wanted me to do, of enforcing my submissive feelings. Even the one time when Master T tied the rope quite tightly and I could hardly move without hurting, it excited me and left me wet – not only my pussy, but my eyes too, as I cried and begged for him to loosen the rope.

The very first time we used it was when we were in a hotel for the very first time, back in 2012. Those are fond memories, of which you can see some here on the photos. We had another hook with us back then, one without a ball. The end that should be inserted was quite short and kept on slipping out. Needless to say, we didn’t use the ‘ball-less’ hook again.

You know, I am just thinking about the times we have used the anal hook. There is just something so incredibly horny about being on my knees, my legs spread, lube being spread on my exposed asshole, Master T pressing the ball against my opening, the ball slowly stretching me and eventually slipping into me before the hook is pushed into place. Just this action – Master T inserting the hook – gets me wet and ready to be fucked.

To get back to the search terms:

what is purpose of anal hook
Added sensation during bondage.

anal hook ball
The ball is inserted and helps with extra stimulation, the same way a butt plug does.

naked anal hook
No idea what is meant with this, but yes, I guess at least your ass should be naked if you want to use a anal hook.

what is an anal hook
A steel ‘toy’, frequently used in bondage scenes.

what does it feel like to have an anal hook in your ass
And here I give the same answer I did: it feels wonderful!

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3 thoughts on “The Feel of an Anal Hook

  1. Marie,
    I find a hook is a lovely addition but one that is used rarely in play because it takes a while for my arse to accept it… plugs are just that little bit, well, easier to accommodate as the ones I have have a slight pointy end… but once it’s in, then yes, pauses mid sentence to smile, it certainly enhances… and naked anal hook as a search term, I suspect your sexy pics go someway to what they’re looking for ? humbly twiglet.

    ps have seen some anal hooks with three ‘balls’ at the end, now that would be intense to feel inserted….

    1. If I get to choose, I will always choose a plug over a hook, for sure. And a hook with three balls? No thanks… too much of a good thing can’t be good 😉

  2. I think you addressed the anal hook search terms concisely. I love the pictures and what the anal hook really represents (to me) but I have never used one. I’m glad you can give your perspective.

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