So I Went On A Trip

Hello sexies,

Now you all know I’ve been on trips with Rebel and her Master T before, because I told you about some of the sexy things that happened on those outings. As you must be aware, all those trips happened by car. In August, for the first time ever, I flew. Yes, I flew!

What’s that?

No sillies, of course not. I don’t have wings. I flew to the UK by plane. With Rebel. And Master T. I was so happy when Rebel started packing the night before their trip and she told me that I was going with them. I hung on to the tickets for them, to make sure that they wouldn’t forget to take me with them after all!

20150729wm Skelly
I wasn’t going to let go of the tickets!
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At the airport I just had to listen to all the noises around me. There was a humming of many voices as we walked through the airport and occasionally I heard Rebel and her Master speak when they had to show their passports, got something to drink and eat and when they got on the bus to be taken to their plane. Once they had boarded and found their seats, Rebel finally took me out to see my surroundings. Even though the plane wasn’t that big inside, I was excited to go on this trip. Rebel allowed me to look out the window and wave at the people outside. Not that anyone saw me…

20150730-003wm Skelly
Waving at all those people down there…
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We arrived at the hotel in Bristol about two hours later and I heard how happy Rebel and her husband were that they could go to their room right away. They were even happier when they heard that they are up on the thirteenth floor, which would give them a wonderful view over the city. And what a view it was. I cannot tell you how many times those two stood in front of the window to look out over the harbour below. I was happy enough to just sit on the bed and enjoy the view from there.

20150730-005wm Skelly
That bed was so comfy…
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That first night they went to bed at a reasonable time. At least that way I could get some sleep too. The next day they were out for most of the morning and when they returned early in the afternoon, Rebel had to do some work. I watched her for a while, but it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be, until she started talking on Twitter again. I love following those conversations.

20150730-007wm Skelly
Watching Rebel work… ahum… sort of!
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They went out again that afternoon and except for about half an hour early in the evening, I didn’t see them again until they came back from the Meet & Greet party. It was clear that Rebel was incredibly horny and she definitely had too much to drink. She was naked in no time, and I moved to the edge of the desk where I was sitting, to have a clear view on what happened next. Oh, orgasms happened, but if you want to know just how it happened, you will have to ask Rebel. No, no, no, I am not going to tell you. Go on, tell Rebel if you really want to know! I can tell you this… it was fucking hot to watch!

The next morning they had to be up on time. I sniggered when I heard Rebel telling her husband that she had a headache. I guess the wine of the night before was just a wee bit too much. Even though she had a headache, she was in high spirits and before long they were off for the first day of the conference.

20150801-002wm Skelly
Paying attention at the conference…
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I really made an effort to follow all of the sessions they went to, but this is really Rebel’s thing, not mine. I only attend the first day, but was quite content with that. There were more sex that weekend, and lots of nakedness… all of which Rebel can tell you about. Because you know… she had to check with Master T about the night before! She couldn’t remember exactly what happened. I told you, you have to ask her!

Will I take a trip with them again?

You bet your sweet asses that I will!

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  1. Skelly! You crazy little guy! I do love hearing about your adventures! Maybe one day you’ll make it over to Ireland and I can give you a cuddle!
    Kat x

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