New York, New York

I told Hy I was going to post my very first Boobday pic today… and I wanted to keep this promise. I was, however, totally lost for inspiration. Whenever I post photos on here, it’s always for Sinful Sunday. Or mostly, because I also sometimes use photos when I tell about our sex encounters. When halfway through the morning I still didn’t have any inspiration for a photo, I marked this day as ‘no post’ in my blog planner. Then, this afternoon, I was busy working on my business plan (damn, that’s a brainteaser!) when inspiration struck.

New York!

There’s just something about New York…

Back in 2009 my mom won a trip for two to New York and I went with her, Christmas shopping. I immediately fell in love with the city and vowed I would one day go back and take Master T with me, if only to walk down Wall Street with him, because of his ‘fascination’ with and knowledge about shares. But, New York was about to become even more special. Our very first ever hotel stay happened in 2012, the night before my birthday. I think you can guess where we stayed overnight, right? Yes, New York. No, no, not New York the city, but Hotel New York. After that night, whenever we heard the song ‘New York’ by Alicia Keys, we remembered our special night in Hotel New York.

So yes, New York is quite special to us, and I don’t think it will surprise you to see New York printed on the dress I am wearing today, right? See, no nakedness from me today, but showing off New York covering my tits. Damn, I just love New York!

20150814-012wm boobday business plan
My New York boobs
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New York will always be one of the most inspirational places I know…

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