Gold Star

Remember almost a year ago when I hurt my ankle so badly. And then while I was walking with crutches and balancing on one foot, I accidentally ripped my clithood piercing out? Then, about a month later I thought I had to be pierced again, but the hole was still open? Remember all that?

Ever since the piercing lady put the standard titanium piercing ring back into my clithood, I wanted to have a piercing ring with a nice dangle on it again, like the one I had. For some time I joked that I was going to buy a ring with a tiny penis dangling from it. I said that I also wanted to feel how it is to have a penis between my legs, but for some or other reason Master T didn’t think this was funny. Oh you should see the grin on my face right now!

Okay, I had a plan B of course, because I knew Master wouldn’t allow the dangling penis, and what’s more, when we got to the store on Thursday, they didn’t have it anymore. My plan B involved gold. I wanted a golden pussy. Which now makes me wonder… there is something like the golden goose that keeps on giving. If my pussy is all golden, will it be like the golden goose too? Okay, okay, I will stop being silly now!

Like I said, I wanted a golden pussy. I wanted all the piercing to be gold-colored. I thought I already had two gold-colored piercings, so I chose a lovely golden clithood piercing and two golden rings to replace the second set of inner labia piercings, which still had the standard titanium rings in them. Once the piercing lady had changed the three piercings she gave me a mirror to check and the first set of inner labia piercings looked more grey than golden, but I blamed the light. It was only once I was home that I realized that I once had those first set of rings changed to grey colored rings with a golden ball. So, for me to have a golden pussy, I will have to go back and have those rings changed too.

20150815-002wm piercings
Photo with natural light
(click to enlarge)
20150815-006wm piercings
Almost the same image, this time with flash
(click to enlarge)
20150815-012wm piercings
And another with flash, but this time with a macro added right at that lovely gold star I have been awarded!
(click to enlarge)

PS: There was a wee bit of alcohol in my blood stream when I wrote this post, but not when the photos were made! But then again, I just felt like joking around when I remembered how I teased Master T about having a penis between my legs!

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18 thoughts on “Gold Star

  1. These photos are wonderful! I love your pose, with the piercings just peeking out, it’s a perfect illustration of the treasure trove you hold 🙂

    1. This was a bit of self-photography and I definitely love how it worked out.
      And… want a taste? 😉

  2. That star is absolutely beautiful, I just love the look of your ‘golden pussy’ but something tells me all that teasing will come back and bite you when you’re least expecting it 😉

  3. Oh . . . I know I have said it before, but I do think you are so, so brave!!!
    I love the way it looks . . . simply gorgeous . . . and I love the story as well (giggled at the thought of having a penis “permanently” between my legs).
    Perhaps if I had more than (lots, lots, lots more than), “a wee bit of alcohol” . . . I’d love to have this too.
    Xxx – K

  4. Really lovely! and I chuckled at the story 🙂
    I have a theme of rainbow titanium for all my other piercings but was warned away from it because the colour would not have stayed. Is your jewelry gold-coloured or real gold?

    ~Kazi xxx

  5. What a pretty piercing and what a pretty pussy!
    I would never be brave enough to get one, but I love your little star!
    Kat x

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