Eroticon 2015: Everything I Expected, And More!



The Thursday before Eroticon 2015 was the first day of our summer holiday. We were up at 4am as we had an early flight to Bristol. We arrived in Bristol at 9am (local time) and were at the hotel and booked into our room by 10am. Thankfully they already had a room available for us, even though we didn’t expect them to have. We were fully prepared to leave our bags at the reception and check in that afternoon. We spent the last part of the Thursday morning wandering around the St. Nicholas Market and then went on to meet a very special tweep for lunch. We were well into the second half of the afternoon before we arrived back at the hotel and by then already had another appointment for dinner. At dinner we saw Remittance Girl for the first time since Eroticon 2013, but it definitely did not feel like 2.5 years ago! We spent a wonderful evening together with her, Molly and DomSigns and by the time we got back to our hotel, we were tired but content.

Friday was spent visiting the St. Mary Redcliffe church, after we had a quick brunch. From there we went to the other side of the hotel and walked up the hill and more or less around the Bristol University. The old buildings are stunning! By the time we arrived back at the hotel there was just enough time to have dinner, change into something sexier and head back downstairs for the Eroticon Meet & Greet.

Eroticon Meet & Greet

The Meet & Greet was everything I expected it to be, and more! It’s like coming home! Everything was already so familiar when we walked towards our hotel on the Thursday, but seeing people whom we have met during our previous two times at Eroticon and being able to hug them again was just divine. There were so many hugs this evening. And not only hugs from people whom we have met before, but also hugs from people whom we have spoken to before online and now met in real life, at last. I cannot begin to name all the people whom I’ve seen this evening, but definitely meeting Honey and Charlie Powell, as well as seeing Ruby again stands out to me. Add the unbridled enthusiasm of F. Leonora Solomon to this and you have an evening where you feel loved and welcome. These are definitely not the only people who made this evening special. Two men who made quite an impression on me this evening are Foxy and Jonathan – it was wonderful meeting them. Then, finally, after meeting him briefly in London in 2013, we were also able to spend some time with Ian Jade. Seeing the lovely couple, Jilly Boyd and ILB again was great, even though we didn’t get to talk to them much. Stella was there too and it was great to be able to hug her and talk to her again. Also meeting Emily Rose and Horny Geek Girl stands out. I am normally quite unsure of myself when I meet new people, but I haven’t noticed one moment of insecurity in myself. I just felt so good, so loved, so accepted. Like Exhibit A said in his brilliant Eroticon post, there was a huge sense of belonging.

Saturday at Eroticon

There were some more hugs to be shared on the Saturday morning, of Anna Sky and Charlie J Forrest, who didn’t attend the Friday evening Meet & Greet. I squealed when I realized that Chintz Curtain was standing in front of me – another hug, another wonderful meeting. I wish I could have talked to her more, but unfortunately she left again at the end of the day. I had a great talk with the beautiful Sextracurricular and can’t wait to read more of her blog.

Opening panel: Erotica publishing today – WTF or FTW?

The speakers on this panel were Remittance Girl, KD Grace, M.K. Elliot and Zak Jane Keir. “That book” was mentioned quite a couple of times, and it was agreed that “that book” has at least made it easier to say that you write erotic fiction. A couple of things that I want to keep on reminding myself, and that had been said by the panel are:
– don’t work for goodwill; get paid!
– stay true to yourself; don’t just copy others when you write.
– value yourself!
– publishing is a business, writing is a vocation, a passion.
– if you want to make money with your writing, you have to look at it as a business.
– build a relationship with your readers
– start a local writing/reading group and make it controversial… get exposure!

Making a living writing about shagging – Girl on the net (GOTN)

This was the most energetic, the most positive, the best session I attended at Eroticon 2015. What a way to start the conference. GOTN gave me so many ideas that I am still buzzing and trying to sort out where to start. I want to start earning money, I want to write for money, and with all the ideas GOTN gave me, I know where to start and how to go about it. If I combine GOTN’s tips with the tips I got from a Dutch lady who also attended the conference, I might just have a winning recipe. Thanks GOTN for being such an inspiration! I am off to the drawing board to do some planning and then it will be: ACTION!

Critique Session- Cressida Downing

I specifically wanted to attend this session since I run a writing group, and wanted to make sure I have the correct tools to be able to give proper, constructive feedback to the people attending my group. Even though Cressida’s session was about giving or asking feedback for stories that are about to be published and that’s not the nature of my writing group, I definitely gained a lot of very useful information from her session. It’s so clear that she is very knowledgeable in her field and she did a perfect job of transferring the information to the people in the room.

Self-publishing – M.K. Elliot

Back in London – Eroticon 2013 – I also attended the self-publishing session ran by M.K. Elliott, but I wanted to attend her session again, to refresh my memory. Only a couple of minutes into her session, I knew it was a good choice. After this session I am better equipped to know where I should go to self-publish, where and how I can get cover art for books and how to do the marketing for books I self-publish. Like Cressida Downing, M.K. Elliot shared her information in a professional and clear way.

Building tension #kinkbooth – Molly & friends

The first day of Eroticon was concluded with a demonstration of different impact toys (by Molly and DomSigns), of bondage (by DJFet) and of spanking (by Silverfox and Ruby). We had a clear view on the last two demonstrations. Silverfox did a good job of explaining the dynamic of a spanking and that it’s not something you can just start doing. DJFet demonstrated some lovely rope work. From across the room I saw how Michael whipped Emily Rose and Chintz Curtain and that looked quite impressive too. All in all the demonstrations of this year were much more interesting and far more down to earth than the ones we have seen at Eroticon 2014.

Eroticon Cocktail Party

The cocktail party was to be held in the Revolution Bar in The Old Fish Market in Bristol. A couple of us wanted to have dinner there before the cocktail party would start. Master T and I were there quite early and at first there was total confusion about where we should sit. Once that was sorted, we waited for over an hour before we finally had drinks and were asked what we wanted to eat. It took another hour before we had our food and by then all we wanted was to leave. Why? It was incredibly noisy in the bar. Last year, on the last day of Eroticon, a couple of us had dinner at the Revolution Bar and it was a lot quieter than on this Saturday evening. There were live music and maybe about six hen parties and one stag party going on. Noisy, noisy, noisy and after a day of taking in a lot of information, all many of us wanted to do was to be able to have a conversation with each other without having to yell.

I think it must have been 10pm that we left, and about an hour later the bar at the Radisson Blu was packed again. Everyone moved there and many conversations were had. Master T frequently went outside for a smoke, and it was during one of his smoke breaks that he met Preston Avery. He came back in and said I should talk to her, but it took until the Sunday night before we finally met and had a chance to talk. I wish I could have spent more time with her, but hopefully we can do that next year! We went to bed incredibly late… or is 1.30am early? Oh and I do want to make a special mention over here of Madame Celine who looked so beautiful this evening!

Sunday at Eroticon

Despite our late night, I was ready for day 2 of all the awesome Eroticon had to offer me. I had a couple of cups of tea and was ready for the sessions.

Dirty talk – how to get the most out of your voice artist – Jonathan Keith

Have we not met Jonathan on Friday and found him an interesting and kind man, we would not have gone to this session. I have never had the desire to record my stories, but after this session, in which Jonathan talked about recording your own erotica or getting someone else to do it, as well as how it should and should not be done, I am reconsidering whether I want some of my stories recorded. Contrary to what many people (including myself up to the moment I attended this session) might believe, recording a story is not just about sitting down and doing it. Except for the equipment you need, there’s the much-needed and oh so important preparation of your voice. I don’t think I will ever record my own erotica, but would much rather ask someone else to do it.

Writing Jouissance: Pleasure, Pain and Madness – Remittance Girl (RG)

RG is a delight to listen to. She has a clear voice, a clear way of explaining things and her words are always thought-provoking. I have never heard of jouissance before and I was very curious to know more about it. It left me with so many thoughts, so many things I want to explore. One thought that stuck after the talk was: are my desires really my own or were I taught that those should be my desires? Why was this the thought that stuck in my head? Just listen to RG’s talk and you will understand.

Kink Craft Workshop

We chose to go to the workshop run by the Kink Craft people and damn, how wonderful that was. Not only because of the wonderful people they are, but also because using your hands for a change instead of your brain is quite a welcoming interlude. We braided some handcuffs and it totally got me excited to make more of our own ‘sex toys’. Who knows where this might lead. There’s only one thing I should remember: to either put plasters on my fingers before I start or to work with surgical gloves, because even now, four days down the line, my finger hurts after being bruised by the paracord we used. In the meantime I have already located a shop in the Netherlands where I can get the stuff I need. Thanks, Kink Craft, for getting me all excited about this!

Newsletters – a no-nonsense guide for authors – Ruby Kiddell

This was another session that I wanted to attend because I needed the information for my writing group. Ruby delivered what she promised: a no-nonsense guide for authors. I have tried to set up a newsletter before and it was not so much the technical side of it that made me stop, but not really knowing just where to go with it. Now I do, after Ruby’s talk. So there’s a lot of work to be done in the weeks to come.

The last session at Eroticon 2015 was the readings, which Molly had organized. Before the readings started, Ruby asked us feedback on this Eroticon and whether there should be an Eroticon 2016. Hell yeah, of course we all want to come back next year, and I can tell you, plans are already being made. Once we were all outside we told people where to meet for dinner, but before that almost everyone went to the Radisson again for drinks and last goodbyes. A group of 11 people moved to the Thai restaurant and we all had a lovely dinner and great conversations.

The Sponsors

I didn’t get to speak to all the sponsors. I listened in on some conversations Pleasure Pulse and Love Sex Toys had with other delegates. I did have a conversation and a demonstration of the brilliant product of Vibease, the world’s first wearable smart vibrator that can be controlled by software on your phone. It was absolutely amazing to see the demonstration and just think how far technology has come. Add to that the stories you can listen to and the fact that the vibrator reacts to the story and your mind is blown! Or at least, mine was! I met the people of Doxy last year and of course this year I had another conversation with them. There was a Doxy with a metal encasing that looked slick and amazing, and apparently is quieter in use than the Doxy I have. My first thought when I heard this was: I will then be able to use the Doxy at home! I’ve also seen the Doxy Skittle and I can tell you, the vibrations are amazing! If you don’t own a Doxy Massager, you are definitely missing out!


Eroticon was everything I expected it to be, and much much more! We had a wonderful weekend, a weekend where people inspired each other, accepted each other, spent time together, got to know each other. Eroticon gives a sense of belonging. You can be yourself, are loved for who you are. If you’ve never been to Eroticon before, please make sure you’re there next year. You won’t regret it, I promise!

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  1. I am so glad the Kink session worked. It is such a tough thing to do well but I really wanted to create something that was more accessible and relaxed.


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