Dragon Claws

20150822-013wm dragon claws
The Dragon Claws
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We are very much into BDSM sensation play as you might have noticed on this blog. This product – the Dragon Claws – therefore is quite a natural choice for us to add to our toy chest.

Packaging & Contents

The Dragon Claws was delivered in a clear sealed plastic bag with no markings on it and no description of the item in the package. The description on the website is as follows:

We bet you can’t wait to get your claws on this little beauty! This five fingered torture device will be a gorgeous and rather frightening addition to any toy box. The Stainless Steel Dragon Nails features a sleek ergonomic lightweight handle and five sharp claws ready to leave their mark on tender flesh. The bulk of the weight is carried in the claws which enables you to naturally angle the Dragon Nails downward for additional pressure.

Fantastic after flogging, the Dragon Nails can be chilled for the added shriek factor to your sensation play. Drag these nails over freshly flogged flesh for an intense sensation or drag a single nail up someone’s spine. It’s also great for a tickly treat.


“Torture device” sounded so good that I was quite excited to try this product!

Shape ‘n Size & Material

It’s made of stainless steel, which contains no latex or phthalates. The claws are 22 centimeters long and the overall diameter is 11 centimeters. The handle is short and rounded, which lies nice in the hand and on the end you’ll find five claws. Actually, the dragon claws more or less resembles the hand cultivator you use for garden work, except that the hand cultivator has three claws and the dragon claw has five.

How does it work?

The Dragon Claws are weighted in the front to get a good angle for sensation play. The claws can be dragged over the skin to leave red lines on the subject’s body, but also just to tease the sensitive skin of the subject, for instance, after a spanking.

My experience with and opinion of the product

On the day we received the Dragon Claws, Master T dragged it over my body, not putting any weight on it. It didn’t do anything for me, or rather, in some places, it almost tickled. I was quite disappointed. I had expected the claws to be sharper. Actually, when I saw the word ‘claws’ I had expected them to be sharper.

20150822-014wm dragon claws
A close-up of the claws
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When we were ready to actually test it, he applied more pressure to it. He started at my left shoulder and dragged the claws down my back, over my buttocks and down to the back of my leg, behind my knee towards my ankle. I drew my breath in when the claws touched the sensitive skin just under my buttocks and on the back of my legs. He repeated the same action a couple of times, each time applying the same amount of pressure. There was a slight burning sensation where the skin had been scratched repeatedly. Master T then concentrated on my buttocks, applying just a bit more pressure. He told me that the claws had the ability to break the skin if he would press down harder and that is when I realized: the claws are good as they are. If they would have been sharper, it would have hurt at the very beginning and there would have been no way to build this up from mild sensation play to the point where the subject might want to be hurt.

Master T’s opinion of the Dragon Claws: A nice and welcome addition to the toy chest.

My opinion of the Dragon Claws: When will we use it again?

Where to buy?

The Dragon Claws can only be bought from UberKinky for the price of 27 pounds.

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  1. That reminds me of those claw finger ring nail things you can get…. they kinda look cool and imposing but are as powerful or not as the hand that uses them…. like vampire gloves… ?

  2. Great Picture of DRAGON CLAW! Sounds Like Practice Makes the Perfect Sensations!

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