A week or so ago there was a review on this site of the Dragon Claws by Uberkinky. Of course we had to test the Dragon Claws before I could write a review. And damn, was it a nice sensation to test them. Just look at those lines on my bottom! It took Master T about 5 minutes to make those lines. Can you imagine what my ass would look (and feel) like if he uses it for half an hour. Oh the thought… just the thought gets me all hot and bothered…

20150822-005a-wm dragon claws
Claws and clawing
(click to enlarge)

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14 thoughts on “Clawing

  1. I have never seen such a tool/toy.
    It looks really interesting, sparked some curiosity within me.

    I agree with Cammie…perfect placement on your bum. Beautiful bum with marks on it 😉

  2. Sir and I have talked about this toy lately. I’m wary of sharp things but this actually looks like something we’d enjoy.
    Love the way it’s caressing your butt. Such promise 🙂

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