At His Side

The Ferrari stopped and the tinted window opened to reveal…

She stepped back into the shadows, drinking in every detail of the face now framed by the open window. Her eyes follow the lines of his brows, down his slightly crooked line of his nose to the curved lines of his lips. Those luscious lips, which have touched almost every part of her body. Just last night he kissed her lips before trailing kisses down her neck, to her breasts, her nipples, her tummy and ending between her legs. He used the stubble on his chin to tease her, before his tongue circled her clitoris and slipped between her labia to taste her. Amorie took another step back, but this one was involuntarily and caused by the memories of the night before weakening her knees. She leaned against the cool wall behind her, her eyes still fixed on his beautiful face. He was smiling at the crowd, but behind those dark sunglasses she knew his eyes were searching for her.

Were they ready for this? Ready to step out into the world? Ready for the consequences? They had hidden away for so long. Amorie met him at one of his premieres. She had always been a huge fan of him and went to every movie that he played in, but she had never been to a premiere, until she won tickets on a radio show. Amorie took her best friend to the premiere and because of the tickets she had won, they were allowed a meet and greet with the leading actor or actress. Amorie wanted to meet him, James Kidd, the leading actor. When her five minutes with him was up and he asked her for her telephone number, she gave it but knew she would never hear from him. How wrong she was and how well did she get to know…

… the beautiful man she had loved in secret for so many years…

Amorie moved from the shadows. She was still standing back, not drawing any attention to herself but, he had seen her. The smile on his face broadened and she wondered whether anyone else had seen his shoulders relax, the way she had.

He called her the following day. Amorie was still buzzing after the meeting of the night before, but didn’t even recognize his name. He had to repeat it and that only resulted in her being dead quiet on her end. She couldn’t believe it. Was it really him or was this someone playing a prank on her? Finally she spoke to him and that evening she met him. He sent a car to pick her up and she got out in a darker corner of the parking garage in the basement of a hotel. Amorie rode the elevator up to his room with two other men, who later she learned was but two of the men working in his security team. There first evening together was the start of many to follow. Secret meetings. No one except his trusted team knew they met. They never appeared in public together and James Kidd remained the ever-eluding perfect son-in-law for so many. He was dubbed the ‘eternal bachelor’ and never once showed any interest in another woman. Or man, for that matter. Because those noises were heard too: he had to be gay, because he had never been seen with a woman.

Amorie always smiled when she read or heard things like that. She could’ve gotten angry, but that would’ve been wasting her time and energy. She knew the inside story, and passionately defending him might only have given away their game. For years they had been together, grown together, loved each other deeply. After years they knew they belonged together, they were made for each other. They had the time together to get to know each other without any spotlights on them, and that was good, …

… but soon there would be no more hiding, no more secrecy.


She watched as he opened the door of the Ferrari and stepped out. There were squeals of delight coming from girls lining the red carpet. Amorie smiled. James Kidd smiled at the girls and women, nodded at them, acknowledge their presence with a calm smile. He stopped in the middle of the red carpet, about one third towards the door of the movie house, where yet another premiere with him in the leading male role will be shown. He took his sunglasses off, which evoke even more squeals from the crowd. Whether the sounds really stopped or whether she just didn’t hear anything anymore, Amorie couldn’t tell afterwards. Jimmy – her James Kidd – opened his arms and beckoned for her to come to him. The security guard whom was with her all the time helped to unclip the rope and she slowly walked towards him. He embraced her, kissed her and then took her hand and walked the rest of the length of the red carpet towards the entrance of the movie house.

From now on, she will always be there, at his side.

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