Prompted! A New Book Is Coming!

Yes, seriously, a new book is coming.

If you have been following this blog for some time, you might remember that I have dipped my toe (okayyyy my fingers!) into some M/M erotica. I did this for the story contest that Oleander Plume ran on her blog back in May 2015. I chose prompt number 11 and the story just sort of happened.

Not long after the winner had been announced, all participants received an email. Some questions were asked, some answers were given and then we were asked to take down the stories from our blogs and just leave a teaser on there. And so we did…

The teaser I left was the following:

Dick and Randy sat in the police car in a darker spot on the street, between two street lights. They were watching the entrance of a strippers club, waiting for Freddie ‘Fuckface’ Farrell to exit the strip club. Their informant tipped them that Fuckface was in the strip club, watching a private strip tease.
“Lucky fucker,” Dick had said when he hung up.
Both cops had been to Bare Essentials on different occasions, when they were off duty and both of them knew what happened during a private strip tease, if you were willing to pay a bit more.

They had a good view on the entrance of Bare Essentials. The broad-shouldered doorman greeted everyone who entered the club, and was extra friendly to the strippers, who either came outside to smoke or arrived at work for their shifts to begin. They all had one thing in common: they were scarcely clad. Ass cheeks almost peeked out from under short skirts and breasts just about jumped out of skimpy tops. The girls were all gorgeous and sexy and beautiful.
“That one is a looker!” Dick said when a blond woman came out of the club and lit a cigarette.
“She gave me a private show last week,” Randy smiled.
“Was she good?”
“Oh god yes, wet and ready, I tell you.”


So what’s going on?

The wonderful ladies, Oleander Plume and F Dot Leonora have decided to use every story that had been written for Oleander’s contest, in an anthology called ‘Prompted’. Just last week Oleander revealed the cover which shows an original photo by F Dot Leonora.

The cover for prompted, an anthology edited by F Leonora Solomon and Oleander Plume
(click to enlarge)

I cannot tell you how excited I am to have yet another story of mine in an anthology, and to be in this book with some fabulous people!

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