Voyeurism & Exhibitionism

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I’m back!

When I wrote my last message, I was feeling way down in the dumps, but I have decided to concentrate on the positive things in life. The beautiful things. The sexy things. Yes, I have my limitations, but I prefer not to think of that. I have decided to accept those, to forget about them. Until of course they pull me down again, as it tends to go with negative thoughts…

But, for now I am in high spirits, because you know what? While lying in my coffin I suddenly realized that despite all my shortcomings, I am leading a very interesting life. Rebel takes me with her whenever she’s off to something sexy, and a little birdie told me that I will soon be going on a trip with them to Bristol. Okay, okay, I didn’t speak to no bird! I overheard Rebel and Master T talking about it one night. Then there’s another visit planned to the kink shop, where I can indulge in smelling the leather again, and a weekend away has been jotted down in Rebel’s agenda. Who knows what sexy things will happen then!

Thinking of that weekend away, my mind traveled back to a hotel visit at the beginning of this year. You know I am a voyeur, right? I love to watch? I take pleasure in watching. Watching Rebel makes me want to fuck her. It makes me want to bury my face between her pussy lips and suck her clitoris into my mouth. Yes, I know, I’m not only a voyeur, I’m also a kinky fuck. Rebel once said that she has difficulty watching others having sex. Oh, she’s getting better at it, but it’s still not something that comes naturally. Even though she doesn’t say it, she actually likes to be on the other end of voyeurism: exhibitionism.

That woman has a serious exhibitionist streak in her. She might be shy, and yes, she is shy when she just gets naked, especially when there are other people around, but also when she’s only with Master T, but once she starts touching herself and her horniness grows, she just lets go.

20150131-088wm hotel hallway skelly
Skelly relaxing in the hallway
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Like that one evening in the hotel…

They had just returned from dinner, where Rebel had two glasses of wine. Across from the door to their room there were two chairs and a table. I decided to sit on one of the chairs, just to relax a bit. That’s when the show started, and damn, I can tell you, I didn’t mind one bit! My voyeur genes were cheering and clapping and rejoicing while I silently enjoyed the show Rebel gave me. The moment the door opened, I knew she was going to show off. I like to think she did it solely for me, and not for her Master T who stood in the hallway, snapping away with his big lens camera.

At first she was still wearing her bright pink bra, with her nipples peeking out over it. Her luscious pubic hair (which in the meantime she has shaved off) made me want to dive right in there, burying my face. She wore stockings, and high heels and she posed. Turned this way and that way. Took the bra off and shook her full round titties for Master T to see. She turned and turned. Posed for him. And all the while she didn’t look at me. That’s why I still like to think she was doing this for me, since she ignored me all the time.

The climax (pardon my pun) was when she turned around, bent over and pushed her ass backward. Tiny pinpoints of dried blood showed from where the vampire paddle kissed her ass earlier. Damn, what a sight! By then I didn’t want to bury my face only in her pubic hair, I want to do so many things to her. I wanted to kiss her ass (don’t laugh, I mean in a sexy way!), I wanted to finger her pussy, wanted to pinch her nipples, suck her clitoris, bring her to an orgasm… oh, if only I could fuck her!

No, no negative thoughts about not being able to do so many things because of the lack of flesh. I was going to concentrate on the positive… thinking of the luscious curves of my sweet Rebel.
And that’s exactly what I’m going to do now… close my eyes and dream of Rebel. While I do that, just click the images above and allow her to enter your dreams too!

Be bad, my lovelies!

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  1. Skelly is an interesting way to change perspectives while having sex. I read a question yesterday asking if anyone fantasized about being the person during the sex (almost like having sex with yourself) and thought that many authors have as a way of writing.

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