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Gwen loved the sun. Winter, summer, spring, autumn. When the sun was out, so was Gwen. Today the winter sun slowly heated her legs where she sat on the stairs to the National Library. It was almost too warm for the tights she had on. Gwen closed her eyes and turned her face to the sun. She sighed. This was life. A sound close to her caught her attention. Gwen opened her eyes and turned her head.
“Ow! Fuck,” she muttered and grabbed the chain around her neck. It was hot and burned her skin. She took it off and lay it on her leg.


Gwen stared at the word. The expression her faced changed as she remembered…

Gwen and Gary.

Gary and Gwen.

One name implied the other.

Inseparable. In love. Happy. Students. They went to class together, did their homework together, studied together, slept together, spent their weekends together. Gwen and Gary graduated together, throwing their graduation caps high up in the air, laughed, grabbed each other and danced around in circles. Not a care in the world and an entire lifetime ahead of them. Together.

Gwen and Gary knew they were made for each other. They had no doubt in their minds what the future would bring them. Their jobs were already secured and would allow them to save money before they start their life together as husband and wife. Even though they had never spoken about marriage, they knew it was a logical step in their love for each other. As they jumped around in each others arms on their graduation day, they were excited too. Paris! They had a vacation planned in Paris, a graduation gift from their parents. The city of love. The city they both had been dreaming for so many years.

That night they lay naked together in Gwen’s bed.
“Paris,” Gwen sighed, “Finally, Paris!”
Gary looked into the deep pools of her beautiful brown eyes. He smiled.
“Paris,” he said too, “it’s going to be the best vacation ever.”
They kissed. Gary rolled on top of Gwen without breaking off their kiss. He straddled her and briefly pushed his crotch against hers. Gwen moaned. He pulled away and moved his mouth down to her neck, kissing and lightly biting towards her breasts and nipples, down her tummy towards her mons. Gwen moaned again and raised her hips, wanting him to lick her. Gary ignored her hints. He trapped her ankles under his big hands. His mouth was now on her legs. Kissing and biting. Trailing his tongue up and down and stopping just before touching her sex. Gwen breathed louder. His tongue was driving her crazy. She was wet. Horny. Needy. By the time Gary finally entered her, she instantly came.

They left for Paris the next day. Paris was everything they had dreamed it would be. They visited the Louvre, the Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Sacré-Cœur. They even went to Disneyland for a day. They walked the different streets of Paris and indulged in lunch on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and had their portraits drawn by a street artist, paying far more for it than they should have. On their last day in Paris, Gary wanted to go back to the Eiffel Tower. Gwen gladly joined him after had packed their bags for their early departure the next morning. The Eiffel Tower at night seemed like the best place to end their three week vacation.

As the sun set over the capital of France, Gwen and Gary stood at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, looking up at the majestic structure. Gwen had mixed feelings: a pang of sadness knowing they would go home the next day to start their adult lives, but also happiness as she knew that life would be with Gary.
Gwen averted her eyes from the huge structure and saw Gary on one knee in front of her. It took her a split second to understand what this was about. She smiled. A huge smile. Gary smiled too.
“Will you marry me?”
Gwen almost didn’t give Gary a chance to finish the question. She stooped down to her knees and threw her arms around him.
“Yes, yes, yes!”

They left for their hotel some time after. Not only did Gwen now wear an engagement ring, but she also had a pendant hanging from a chain around her neck. Only one word decorated the pendant: Oui.
Gary bought it for her at the Eiffel Tower’s souvenir shop.
“Because I want everyone to see you said ‘yes’,” he said.
That last night they made love in Paris for the last time, vowing to be back for their honeymoon.

Gwen sighed and stood up. She gathered the file with papers she had trapped under her bag, slung her bag over her shoulder and started walking to the high rise building across the street from the library. She pushed the sad thoughts to the back of her mind and turned her attention to the case she had to prepare for court. For the last ten years, she had poured herself into her work. After 16 hour working days she went home, ate and slept and returned to office in the early hours of the morning. Even when enjoying the only thing that could still give her a bit of pleasure – the sun – she had her work with her. She was married to her work, people said, not knowing that her work was the only thing that dulled the pain and sadness she carried with her ever since the day Gary died in that horrible car accident, two months before their planned wedding date.

I had no idea what I would write for this prompt. Even when the prompt was published on the site, I still had no idea. I wanted to mention the legs, but I also wanted to give the pendant and the word Oui a prominent place. And Paris, because I know how much Leonora loves that city. I just started writing and this sad story formed under my fingers.

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  1. I had a horrible feeling that something was going to go horribly awry for Gwen and Gary. Very tender sad tale


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