Ninth update: 101 list in 1001 days

101-1001aI cannot believe it has been six months since the last update for my 101 list in 1001 days. This list is fast nearing it’s end of the 1001 days, and it’s time for me to cut my losses, as they say. The end date is 11 October 2015, just 3 months and 1 day from now.

So, what happened in the past six months?

Blogging and writing (goals 1 – 24)

  • I completed number 2, by entering two more writing competitions, one of Charlie in the Pool and the other of Oleander Plume.
  • I wanted to co-write a story with a friend, the same one who has co-written two other stories with me, both of which have appeared on this website. But, unfortunately, he is incredibly busy and hasn’t gotten to adding anything yet to the story I have started. I am toying with the idea to complete the story on my own, as we had a brilliant idea, but I first have to complete other half-written pieces and work out other ideas, before continuing with this one. So who knows, the story might eventually be completed between him and me, but not before the deadline of my 101 list.
  • Number 16 on my list is about the We-Vibe and Luna beads. I was going to write a review for both these toys, but have decided against it. The short review is on the 101 page, and I am marking this goal as done.
  • I did a post about a relationship I had with a disabled man, completing number 17 on my list.
  • I am also marking point 24 as done. I had to read three books from a banned books list and I did, although I didn’t finished the third one. I just couldn’t. The third book was 120 Days of Sodom by Marquis de Sade and I tried, I really, really tried to read it, but gave up about halfway through.

16/24 done
4/24 failed
2/24 in progress
2/24 not started

Photo / Blogging (goals 25 – 33)

In April I did the A-Z Blogging Challenge and concentrated on photos, which meant I completed number 30 on the list, where I wanted to take a sexy picture for each letter of the alphabet. I could not have completed this without the help of Master T.

7/9 done
2/9 failed

Sex (goals 34 – 50)

Some goals can still be done, such as numbers 39, 49 and 50, but others have been set to failed because of reasons given below, under the section ‘Not a thing anymore’.

9/17 done
3/17 failed
2/17 in progress
3/17 not started

Sexy (goals 51 – 60)

Some goals are not a thing anymore, other goals have changed in focus. Open cup bra’s are definitely a thing of the past, but we have our eyes on a sexy pair of over the knee boots and might even buy that during our summer vacation. Changes in focus is the special set of drawers we wanted to buy for our sex toys and the hooks we bought. As said earlier in this post, we have big plans for our room, creating a play- and photo corner, and those hooks will be used there. There were also be enough space to put our toys.
As for food being served on my body… this is just not going to happen.

4/10 done
2/10 in progress
3/10 failed
1/10 not started

Sexy art (goals 61 – 64)

There is a huge pull in me to get back to my art, but I just don’t have the time for it. All, absolutely all the time I am not spending working or doing chores go to writing and maintaining my different blogs. I have so many plans and there’s just no space in there (yet) for my art. I will never abandon my art, but for now it’s been ‘put on ice’.

2/4 done
2/4 failed

Sexy socializing (goals 65 – 79)

  • On this list, number 67 is about visiting Eroticon 2015 and of course we will be there in only three weeks!
  • Number 68 might be put to failed eventually, as there’s a possibility that EroScripta will be postponed to next year, due to having to get the word out more before we proceed with this wonderful day of workshops.
  • I thought number 72, going to the sauna at least 1o times, will be easy to achieve, but since life just ran a different course, we only managed 7 times up to now. We might be able to go once more before this list is done, but we will definitely not make it to ten times.
  • I always have my business cards with me and nowadays I always forget to leave my business cards in places we visit. I have to get back to this… maybe I should just leave 40 cards in one place. The goal didn’t say to leave it in 50 different places, after all!
  • A burlesque show… number 77 on the list. So many times I have searched online to find a burlesque show to go to and yes, I could find them, but not in The Netherlands. I guess after 2.5 years I have to admit that this is not going to happen, not before October 2015 anyway.

6/15 done
4/15 failed
4/15 in progress
1/15 not started

Personal pampering (goals 80 – 92)

  • I only need to go for a pedicure once more to complete goal number 83. This will be no problem, as I want to go next weekend.
  • I have finally managed to write a post about the things I like about myself (number 92).

10/13 done
3/13 failed

Together with Hubby… (goals 93 – 96)

We will get to that castle and we will get to Paris, but not this year. Those two goals are failed, but the other two in this section have been completed.

2/4 done
2/4 failed

Achievements (goals 97 – 101)

Two goals in this section are still in progress – getting 50 links for Wicked Wednesday in one week and getting to 3456 followers on Twitter. Why 3456? That just seemed like a nice number, but as it is now it means that I still need close to 600 followers in the coming three months.

3/5 done
2/5 in progress

Not a thing anymore…

  • Rewrite WC for blog – WC is a book I have self-published under a totally different name. I want to edit it and re-publish it as Marie Rebelle.
  • Review the Lelo Insignia Tiani 2 – We bought this toy on impulse, and up to now have not used it, as we have witnessed how difficult it is to keep it in and the vibrations in the right place.
  • Allow two other men to make a full series of erotic photos of me – There was just no opportunity to complete this goal.
  • Buy several huge cloths (different colors) for background for photos – We have decided against buying the big cloths, but are in the process of changing our bedroom and will create a play and photo corner.
  • Attend at least one bondage workshop with Master T – When this list was done, both Master T and I wanted to get into bondage, but after having tried it for a couple of times, Master T had to admit that it’s just not his thing. Oh, we do engage in bondage, but not always with rope. Bondage tape works just as well!
  • Visit at least one BDSM play party – We were enthusiast to visit a BDSM party, but in hindsight it was stupid to put this on the list, as we are not party goers at all.
  • Wear the Tiani 2/We-Vibe at least 5 times to shops/outside the house – For the reasons mentioned above, this goal has not even been attempted.
  • Buy at least two good fitting open cup bra’s & Wear an open cup bra at least 2 days for six months – Back when I made this list, I was into wearing open cup bra’s, which use to make me feel naughty and sexy. As time progressed, they just lost their ‘magic’ as they actually are uncomfortable and not really as sexy as I thought. It’s much sexier to wear a push up bra and see my beautiful cleavage, or to wear no bra at all.
  • Have food serve on my body – This is still a dream of me, but I think it will always stay a dream.
  • Visit the London Fetish Fair or the London Alternative Market – When I made this list, we thought it would be possible to go to London for a weekend and then to visit LAM. Once again, life went differently from what we imagined and where LAM is still on our list, it will just not happen before the end of this list.
  • Go to the casino in sexy clothes at least 5 times – We like going to the casino, but sometimes there’s two years between visits. The last time we’ve been was in May 2014 and as it is at this moment, there’s no visit planned for the future. This is just not a thing anymore.
  • Take at least one yoga class – I can really not remember just why I have put this on the list. I’ve never been interested in yoga before and it seems I still am not. I’m puzzled!
  • Buy at least two pairs of ‘Irregular Choice’ shoes – I have decided against buying these shoes, as I notice that I don’t wear my Iron Fist shoes enough and to have even more shoes that stay in my closet and get to be worn only on special occasions.
  • Train my shoulders and arms for better bondage position – Since we don;t engage in bondage as much as we thought we would, this point has moved to the background.

Wrapping up

This is a rather long update – forgive me for that.
When I do the final update of my 101 list, after the list has expired, I will also give my opinion on some of the goals I had on my list, the kinds of goals and the frequency.

For now I leave you with the overall stats of my 101 list:

59/101 done (58.4%)
22/101 failed (21.8%)
13/101 in progress (12.9%)
7/101 not started (6.9%)

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