Lead Me, Trap Me

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It’s no secret that I love my collars, whether it’s my day collar, the Histoire d’O collar or my night collar. Master T has a couple of other collars he uses on me too, such as the metal one, covered with leather on the inside, the Strict Leather Collar or the collar I have dubbed the ‘punishment collar’. Some of these collars have D-rings on them where leashes can be clipped on.

I think many people – especially when not knowledgeable about ‘the scene’ – instantly connects a collar with a leash to pet play. They ‘see’ the dominant person leading the submissive around on all fours, like walking a dog. And yes, this happens and must be exhilarating, if you are into pet play.

We are not, but Master T does own a leash, which has been attached to my collar on a couple of occasions.

How did that make me feel? What did it do for me?

The moment I feel my collar around my neck, something happens. No, I do not go into subspace instantly, like I once heard someone say about when the collar was put around her neck. I also don’t go into ‘submissive mode’ when my collar is put around my neck, as I am submissive by nature and it doesn’t have to be ‘switched on’ by putting a collar around my neck. Something just happens. It’s like a confirmation of everything I already know.

Does a leash change that?
No, it does not. It added to the experience, in the way that it accentuated the effect the collar had on me. The one time Master T attached the leash to the D-ring on my collar, he hooked one of the links on the chain of the leash on a hook in the wall, trapping me against the wall. I loved it, not because of the leash, but because I was trapped against the wall and at his mercy.

When I think about a leash, the first thing that comes to mind is not to be lead around, but to be trapped. The leash we have has a chain and then a rounded leather strap on the end. That rounded strap can be hooked over the knobs on the bed or under the leg of a chair. There was a time when Master T considered attaching the leash to my sleep collar and then hooking the leather end of the leash to the bed with a carbine hook. The thought excited me tremendously, but Master T decided against it, because of safety. That doesn’t mean the thought of it doesn’t excite me anymore. Quite the contrary, actually.


No, they do not excite me because I want to be lead around. Use them to trap me and that pushes all the right buttons to get the juices flowing.

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