Hotel Habits

Do you have specific hotel habits?

Whenever we go to a hotel, my Doxy Massager goes with me. I sometimes use it at home, but I tend to worry about the noise and then cannot relax to enjoy it fully. I’m always worried that the kids might hear me, even though Master T has assured me over and over that it’s not as noisy as I think it is. Still, I cannot relax.

In a hotel room it’s totally different… there I can do whatever I want. I can turn the power up, I can moan, I can even scream if I want to. I can totally relax and just enjoy the sensations. It has become a habit of mine to pack the Doxy when we go to a hotel. I love to switch it to it’s lower setting and just resting it against my clit, trapping it between my feet so it doesn’t slip away, and then allowing the vibrations to do their ‘work’. I always try to hold out as long as possible before I give in to my first orgasm, after asking for permission of course. Once I had that first orgasm, more follow in quick succession, until I am ready. Ready for the big one. I hold back again. It’s like edging. I try to keep myself on the brink of an orgasm for as long as possible, until my orgasm explodes and I lie panting and smiling and sated next to Master T.

Will my Doxy travel with me when we go to Eroticon 2015 in August?

You bet it will!


20150628-002wm Hotel Doxy
I love the shadows in this image, and just looking at it instantly transports me back to the feeling when the Doxy vibrates against my pussy.
(click to enlarge)


The last time we were in a hotel, about three weeks ago, for the first time I shot a video of me using the Doxy. I am still considering whether to post it here or not…

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