He Watched Me

20150404-031wm hotel stay masturbation
Enjoying the vibrations of my ‘Better Than Chocolate 2‘ toy
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It started when I came out of the shower. A wave of horniness rushed through my body. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I wanted nothing more than to have an orgasm, but Master T was downstairs and I was naked. Getting dressed, going downstairs and asking for permission didn’t seem like an attractive idea. My phone was downstairs too, so I couldn’t send him a text message (I should learn from this and always take my phone upstairs with me). My little pink friend was on my bedside table. I had no idea whether there was still any power left, but wanted to try anyway. Soon I found myself with the buzzing toy below me, enjoying the vibrations it sent through me and coming very close to an orgasm. For a moment I considered to just let go, but not having permission for an orgasm held me back.

I was horny the rest of the day.

That evening as we were about to head to bed, I asked whether I could play with my toy. It had been on the charger the entire day. Master T said I could and when he joined me in bed, the toy was already between my legs. I put it on when he nodded. Bliss, pure bliss it was when the vibrations started traveling through my folds. I half expected him to join the playing, but when I glanced at him, he was watching the television. I was disappointed and almost stopped, thinking he had no interest in what I was doing and couldn’t wait for me to get it over and done with. Thankfully at that moment I knew it was my insecurities speaking. I continued, pressing the pink toy hard against my clitoris and bucking my hips, almost riding it. It took long, but I had my orgasm. Again I wanted to stop, but decided: one more orgasm, then I would stop.

My second orgasm was a squirt. I love to dip my fingers into the silky wetness of my squirting orgasms and impulsively asked Master T if he wanted to feel it too. I removed the toy as his hand disappeared between my legs. He stopped at my clitoris. It was at that moment that I understood again (remembered actually) that he must have been planning to join in at some time, but that he always enjoyed watching me. Only after I climaxed once more his hand moved down to my wetness. His fingers disappeared into me and only pulled out after another orgasm. He pushed my hand down to my pussy. While frigging myself he pinched my nipples and squeezed my breasts. I looked up at him, exposing my neck and his hand moved up further still. He clutched his hand around my throat, choking me, hurting me. I had just enough time to ask permission before my climax erupted.

He let go of my neck and pushed my hand away between my legs. Once again he brought me to orgasm, before moving his hand back to my throat. This time his grip was tighter than the first time. A floating sensation took hold of me. My fingers worked faster. Everything around me disappeared. I was aware of his hand clutching my neck. I was aware of my hand on my clitoris. Everything else was gone. The room. My body. I saw his face in front of mine. I focused on his eyes… lust clearly visible in them. His grip tightened. My orgasm rushed forward. I floated… and heard his voice…

“Come for me, slut!”

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9 thoughts on “He Watched Me

  1. Ugh…the choking orgasm! I cannot tell you how fucking hot that is. Well…I don’t have to tell you…you already know. And that whole “taking your phone everywhere you go”…always a good idea. I’ve learned that the hard way too.

  2. There’s just something so hot about being watched. But when your Master joined in, the hand around your throat, the control he relinquished upon you… Oh baby, gimme more please.
    Great post!

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