Feet Up

Since we had a overnight stay in a hotel planned, we decided to just wait and see what chair was in the room and we would use that for this prompt. The chair turned out to be fairly standard, but interesting and as we discussed it, we decided that no naughty bits will be seen in these photos. Only a pair of my sexy shoes, the same as you saw in my latest ‘Kink of the week’ post.

Chairs are made to put your feet up, right?

You don’t have to be naked to be sexy, and neither do you have to show your ‘naughty bits’.

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17 thoughts on “Feet Up

  1. You’d be sexy in absolutely anything! And I hope you don’t mind me saying that when I read the title of this post my first thought was “on my shoulders.”

  2. We were in a hotel when the prompt was released but I could think of anything to do with the chair in our room but I love your images, so simple but simply beautiful!

  3. I got excited when I seen “feet” in a title. It made me even more excited when I seen it was you. Those shoes are wild – I love it. Sexy photos.

  4. Arrghhhh now I have shoe envy…. and I LOVE the 3rd image, there is something very sexy about the spike of the heel and the way your ankles are crossed over


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