Bottoms Up


What do you call that delicious piece of flesh you sit on?

When I write about my behind, I tend to call it either behind, bottom, buttocks or ass. I might, on occasion have called it butt or bum, but mainly the first four is what I use for it. Rear makes me think of a car, booty of baby socks, rump of a yummy steak, tush does nothing for me and arse sounds harsh in my ears, even though I don’t mind reading it when other people use it.

I have a big behind. I have always had quite rounded buttocks and I always blamed the ‘African genes’ I carry for that. In the African countries the ladies almost all have rounded behinds, and I have been told once that a rounded behind is a sign of fertility. Although I joke about my ‘African genes’ and although I grew up on the African continent, I don’t have one bit of real African genes in my body. My mom is Dutch and my father, though born in Namibia, descends from the Germans. So, I am 100% European.

I still have a big, rounded behind. I always look at the bottoms that pass me by, and I always have an opinion about them. Some people just don’t have a behind. They are totally flat. Others have a tiny bulge which indicate that they have a behind, yet again others have a nice roundly formed behind. I tend to like the latter the most. Not because I have a rounded behind, but because it’s beautiful and curvy and soft and sexy. Not only in women, but in men too. When I look at images of behinds, it doesn’t matter whether they are covered in panties or naked. I just like looking at them. Sometimes I compare them to mine, but most of all I just appreciate that nice piece of round flesh. I can honestly say that when I happen to see images of men (I absolutely prefer looking at erotic images of women), I like to see a man’s shoulders, back and behind. A torso and/or cock pic just doesn’t do it for me.

What of your own bottom. Is it a part of your body that you love, or one you try to cover up and ignore? Do you like having your bum worshiped and if so how? Maybe it is about the tender caresses or perhaps you like your bum worshiped with a little bit more impact?

There was a time when I was quite ashamed of my rounded bottom and would have done everything to hide it. I wore loose clothes that could hang over it so it looked smaller. I am pass that and have been pass it for quite some years now. I wear what I want to wear and don’t mind people seeing my rounded butt. I know there are lots of people who admire my bottom and I have come to totally accept my roundness. Accepting my butt the way I did have a lot to do with Sinful Sunday and the comments I get there whenever I put my ass on display. What might have had more influence than Sinful Sunday is the fact that Master T loves my bottom too and have never indicated that it’s too big and rounded. Another factor is the fact that my ass has brought me so much pleasure in the last couple of years. I love having it spanked and whipped, love seeing the beautiful marks it can be covered in and love feeling it hurt after a session.

I like to put my ass on display, as I have done many times in the past:

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7 thoughts on “Bottoms Up

  1. I love how versatile bottoms can be and isn’t it wonderful how they can be on the receiving end of so many delicious implements !

    I have to ask, what created the circular marks on the bottom image?

  2. I am definitely a ‘tush man’ – and a nice rounded behind is, to me, perfection. I simply adore Mrs. C’s cute tushy. As for what I think about my own – despite the fact that it follows me around all day I scarcely ever get to see it! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful tush

  3. You have a delightful bottom Rebel!
    Those photos are incredibly hot! I love the bloody ones in particular and long to read about the stories behind (no pun intended!) them.
    My ass? Flat!
    Kat x

    1. Thank you, sweets! Those stories are all on my site 😉
      Let me know if you need the links.

      Rebel xox

      1. Yes please! I’d LOVE the links! Just showed hubby and asked if he could go that extreme for me. Anything re: knife/blade play very welcome!
        You’re a lucky lady!

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