Three’s… Company? Or A Crowd?

The number three makes me think of… threesomes.

I’ve had my share of those… and not all of them were sexual. Some of them were just friendships. The very first that springs to mind is when I was about 11. There was this boy in school who I really fancied. So much so that I looked him (his parents) up in the phone directory and underlined the name. I was still building up courage to call him, to make it known that I am interested in him. Of course I would only have given him a hint as I never had the guts to say something like that directly. Then one day, my father told us about a cousin of him that he knew must be living in the same city as we did. He remembered the surname of the man she was married to and… found the number underlined in the phone directory! All my interest instantly disappeared, but the boy didn’t disappear from my life. He and my best friend eventually hooked up with each other and it ended up in a friendly case of… three’s company!

The second ‘threesome’ was a case of a lovely friendship between three high school girls. We were inseparable and shared so many secrets with each other. I must admit, one of these girls was the one I totally confided it and the other might have been my first girl crush. I had feelings for her, but thought I was a freak, so never spoke about it. To no one. This was another case of… three’s company.

My first sexual threesome – in a sexual way – was with a married couple. It started out wrong, it continued wrong and it ended in the worst way. It lasted for nine months, the ‘relationship’ I had with them and I learned a lot about myself and about being with a woman. Eventually I was abused by him. Before this happened I always said that I would never allow a man to abuse me, but it took me six months to leave them. Those six months were filled with jealousy and backstabbing and it totally erased the nice times we had in the beginning of the relationship. I finally got to the point where I stood up against him and left. This was definitely a case of… three’s a crowd!


I’ve blogged about it before, the night a (former) female friend and I visited a male friend for his birthday. It was a great evening with great fun and sex, but when she and I finally left, I was hornier than when we started. I needed much more, so dropped her off at home and drove straight over to come see Master T. It was after midnight, but he was waiting for me, and by the time I went home with a huge smile on my face, my legs were weak with all the orgasms I had. In this case I am totally in doubt whether the threesome was all about company or a crowd after all! No matter what, I enjoyed it and have enjoyed quite some sexy adventures with this male friend after that night too, and with Master T present. So I guess this means… three’s company!

Of course you have read about a lot of my sexual encounters and you might remember the one where I had an erotic massage before some steaming sex. If not, you might just want to go and read that, because that was all about… three’s company!

Those are the threesome encounters that sprang to mind, but it’s not the end yet. There’s a threesome on the horizon. A very sexy lady whom I met two and a half years ago and I have been flirting with each other online. Words were filled with sexual undertones and finally we were both ready to express our interest in each other. We had a meeting, the three of us. She, Master T and I. We discussed our limits, our likes and dislikes. Another ‘normal’ meeting was arranged and we are now in the process of setting a date for our first threesome of three’s company!

Three is an interesting number. It can bring things out of balance or can be the perfect match, but you will never know what it is if you don’t try it!

This week we celebrate the third birthday of Wicked Wednesday. I can’t believe it’s been three years since I ‘took over’ the Wednesday when Wank Wednesday and Wanton Wednesday stopped. The meme has evolved and is still ever-changing and growing. Not so much in numbers yet, but in ideas and enthusiasm from the frequent players. My Wednesday nights have become the nights where I read and comment, read and comment, read and comment… over and over again. I love it! I have some ideas for the next year, new features I want to try to see whether I can draw more players to the meme. Getting 50 links for one prompt is still something I really want and I will keep on trying. Remember, everyone is welcome to link their sexy posts to Wicked Wednesday, whether you follow the prompt or not! Spread the word…
Thank you to all of you who have ever linked one or many posts – without you I would not have done this for three years or have wanted to continue for many more!

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7 thoughts on “Three’s… Company? Or A Crowd?

  1. Congratulations on three very successful years and here’s to many more and lots more players!

    I so want to engage in some more threesomes, especially a MMF with M and another man, this is something that I have not done yet and it intrigues me to try it.

    It is so interesting as well to read other’s experiences and seeing how sometimes things don’t work out how you expect but that is the way of life and experience I suppose.

    Velvet x

  2. Thank you for running such a great meme for three years, you lovely and wonderful woman! I admire how much you are able to accomplish, you are an inspiration.

    All the congrats to you, my friend!




    1. Thank you, dear Oleander and thank you for linking up with Wicked Wednesday and helping to keep the meme going 🙂

      Rebel xox

  3. Wow Rebel!
    You are so adventurous! This is to something I have ever done… I’ve fantasised but never actually done it. Not sure I really could follow through with it. For me it’ll remain a fantasy.
    Good for you! I hope your future one is amazing!
    Kat x

  4. The very few threesomes I’ve engaged in was when I had both my husband and boyfriend. They started out lovely enough, but the ending never quite worked out right as the boyfriend wouldn’t orgasm in those circumstances. We had one fmf threesome, but I was left almost completely out of the equation. I don’t know if husband and I will have another one – we haven’t found the right dance for it yet.
    I really liked your trip down the threesomes, and read a new (old) post that I hadn’t yet. I’m a bit envious of the more successful threesomes, and admire the honesty of the first relationship abuse.
    And congratulations on three years of Wicked Wednesday! Something to be celebrated for sure, and I know you’ll get to the 50 submissions. Thank you for continuing to inspire and support us.

    1. Maybe you will find the right one, and maybe you won’t and it will still be okay. I know that some of the things I want to do won’t happen, but I will keep on trying 🙂
      Thanks for the good wishes xox

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