The Color of Freedom

This month’s prompt for Sinful Sunday is to add a color filter to your photo(s) to see how it changes the mood of the photo.

The image I chose is one of me wearing a slave collar and I’m pulled towards the person across from me, using the ring. This collar is heavy and when I have to wear it, it sets me free.

I used a couple of color filters on this, because I wanted to compare the effect it has on the original image. This is the first time ever I used a color filter on photos, and where I love seeing it in photos of others, I need to see all the images in one go to be able to understand what a color filter really does to a photo. This is the reason why I am posting the original image, as well as the six color filters I have used – blue, cyan, green, purple, red and yellow. The bigger photo is the original, and the filters I used run clockwise around the original image.

Which one is your favorite?


(click to enlarge photos)

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