He Fucked My Mouth

After ‘torturing’ me with clamps and the RVS cane, Master T told me to lie down on the bed, on my back. He told me to get a toy and play with myself and bring myself to orgasm. A glass dildo was quickly selected. One orgasm after the other was given permission for. He told me to continue and stood on his knees next to my face. I knew what this meant… I had to suck him. I gladly did. His cock entered my mouth and I tried as well as I could to suck him and at the same time bring myself to the orgasms he wanted.

“Just keep your head still,” he said.
I tried and he slowly fucked my mouth. The thought that he was using me as a hole instantly brought me another orgasm. Master T kept on pushing into my mouth at the pace he wanted while masturbating himself. Normally I would have my hand around his cock, controlling the depth and the push, but my hands had to be busy somewhere else. More orgasms followed and all the time he fucked my mouth. When I felt the familiar swelling of his cock, I readied myself for his orgasm. Even so, it took me by surprise and his cock slipped from my mouth. I felt his cum spurting onto my cheek. Normally I would want to get it off my face as quickly as possible, but this time my main goal was to get his cock back in my mouth and not spill more of his cum.

20150621-001wm cum on face
This is the photo Master T made afterwards, before I cleaned my face.
(click to enlarge)

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