Full Brazilian (An Extract)

At this moment I don’t have much time to read, but when I read the extract below, I put this book on my list of  ‘books to read’. The book is Full Brazilian by Cintia Silva and Teen Lyons and below is an extract from the chapter titled My High Roller. I’m sure you would want to read it too when you read the extract.


FullBrazilianIt didn’t take long for me to transform myself in Gabriella. It was like looking at an old friend as she stared back at me in the unforgiving bright light of the changing room.
I couldn’t resist a smile. I loved this stuff. Just the smell of the place and the distant thumping beat of the music exhilarated me. The anticipation of what might happen that night hit my system – it was like a tsunami of endorphins blasting into my system. Who needs drugs or alcohol? Become a dancer. There ain’t no feeling like it.
There must have been something electric about me that night too, because I was picked out seconds after I strutted into the bar area. And in a first for me, I was chosen by a couple. The guy was nothing special – he was probably around 60 and didn’t look particularly wealthy. His girlfriend intrigued me, though. She was Asian, in her mid-20s and, frankly, looked quite geeky.
Instinctively, I homed in on the girl. If you can get the female onside and she doesn’t feel intimidated, I figured, she’ll be more likely to let her man pay for dances.
‘How old are you?’ I asked, smiling warmly.
‘Twenty-eight,’ she said. ‘It is my birthday today.’ She had a cut-glass British accent.
‘Well, happy birthday to you,’ I purred. ‘Would you like me to dance for you while your partner watches?’
‘I’d like that very much.’
‘It’s £100 for the two of you in the VIP room – is that okay?’ She nodded and I led them both upstairs. As we walked into the suite, I stole a glance at the girl. I couldn’t figure her out. She was very neatly dressed, with a smart blouse and skirt and sensible shoes; her hair was styled into a tidy bob. She was clearly eager for the dance, yet at the same time she appeared very conservative.
The music started up and I positioned myself in front of the girl. Within a few beats I knew exactly what it was about her that didn’t add up. She was like a volcano about to erupt. She was utterly enraptured by me, her eyes greedily travelling over my body and her hands pawing at the chair as though she couldn’t wait to grab me.
Taking a chance, I stepped forward and, in perfect time with the music, planted a hand on either one of her thighs, staring deeply into her eyes as I did. She caught my gaze and, with a defiant look, let her knees drop so her legs were wide open.
‘I am not wearing any panties,’ she declared, her eyes blazing with desire.
I nodded, smiling with pleasure, my hands still firmly on her legs. ‘Would you like your partner to touch you?’ I whispered, leaning in close.
Without taking her eyes off me, she nodded. Her partner leaned over and slipped his hand up her skirt. He found his goal and pushed his fingers deep inside her. As he did this, I gently put my lips to hers and kissed her with slow longing. I could feel her breathing hard; her eyelids fluttered as her boyfriend’s hand did its work.
Time stood still for a second, the three of us frozen in our erotic montage. Then, the music stopped.
‘How much for you to stay in here with us for an hour?’ said the man, who was also breathing deeply, his hand still up his girlfriend’s skirt.
‘For the two of you, £600.’
He nodded. The girl was still looking at me greedily. Stop the talking! she seemed to say. Get on with the action!
The manager came by to check everything was okay. I told him what they were paying and he nodded his approval. ‘Good to have you back, Gabriella,’ he whispered as he left.


I bet there are more of these hot pieces in the book! If you’ve read the book, please leave a comment below and tell me if you liked it!

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