Chain Reaction

The cold metal touches my body. I shiver and think: I hate cold! The thought is quickly pushed away by an almost euphoric feeling as the chain is wound around me. I don’t feel the cold anymore and neither do I notice that the metal is slowly warmed by the heat of my body. My mind is focused on the metal snaking around my body, hugging me tight, even hurting in some places. Trapped in the metal and with him watching me, I feel safe. Happy. Content.

When one day Master T came home from the hardware store with about 4 meter of chain with medium sized links, I was doubtful whether we would ever be able to use it. I actually pictured the chain hanging from the wooden beams in the attic an with me being tied to them, but since one of our children has his room in the attic and he will be living with us for some years still, I kind of knew the chains would not be used.

20150627-012wm chair feet chains
Chain wound around my leg
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But, I was wrong.

Now, admittedly, they are not used every week, but the times they were use, they left me with the feeling I described above. A wonderful feeling. I am slightly claustrophobic, but when those chains (or rope) are tight around me, I feel totally grounded and calm.

I mentioned the attic… I still have visions of us turning the attic into a playroom, but sometimes I wonder if we would ever do that. Oh, we both want to, but I wonder if we would still want this when both kids have left home. I sure hope so, but I think by then we will be so happy that we can do whatever we want wherever in our home, that the attic won’t seem like such an important place anymore. We will then be able to use the chains (and everything else that makes a noise) in our bedroom too. We have a cast iron bed and using the chains on that will have the kids call the emergency services, I’m sure.

I’ve had the privilege once to experience the combination of rope and chains, when I was suspended in rope that was tied to chains that hung from the ceiling. This was back during one of our playdates and it was a wonderful experience. My hands have also been tied to those same chains, above my head and then I was flogged and caned. A lovely feeling!

I really don’t like the moment the cold chain is put against my body, but that’s only for a couple of seconds, until all other sensations take over. So chains? Yes please!

There are, however, one chain I am really not fond of, but have absolutely no say over. That is the chain between the clover clamps. As many of you know, clover clamps always hurt. Some clamps, when put on your nipple, stop hurting after a while because the blood drains away from your nipples, and it only hurts again when the clamps are removed. Clover clamps don’t stop hurting. Some clover clamps have string tied to the end, others are connected with a chain. We have the latter and when the chain is pulled, the clamps tighten more and it hurts like hell. I guess you can imagine that this is something Master T likes to do. Sometimes I like it too, but most times the pain is just too much and makes me whimper and beg for mercy.

Another chain that comes to mind is the one I wear around my neck every day: my Swarovski day collar. Not a day has gone by since I got it, that I haven’t worn it. It’s heavy and in the first few days that I wore it, I was constantly aware of it. Nowadays I only feel its weight when I think of it, like now.

My beautiful Swarovski day collar
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So again: chains? Yes please to some and I am not so sure about others!

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5 thoughts on “Chain Reaction

  1. That is a beautiful collar. And I always think that if kids were no longer around, how much more freedom we would have to explore (so good to read something similiar). I have yet to experience chains with rope, but that sounds awesome.

  2. Oh I love how chain looks, I think the cold would make me gasp but as your body heat warms they must feel amazing!

  3. I am positively terrified of clover clamps. So much so that they are on my limit list. I might let him try them once, but I anticipate that it will be too much for me and be quickly off the table again.

  4. I absolutely adore your Swarovski of course . . . but love your other chains picture too.
    And of course the words! I know exactly what you mean about having the house to yourselves, it’s magical when it comes!!!
    Xxx – K

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