Blue Sky

Emily opened her eyes. Despite the fire burning in the fireplace, she shivered. She had fallen asleep on the soft rug and her body had cooled down. Emily rolled over onto her back and grunted when something hard pushed against her spine. She sat up and smiled when she retrieved the glass dildo from the rug. On her other side she found the soft silicon dildo and lube. She put everything aside, pulled the pillow closer and grabbed the soft fleece blanket from the nearby leather couch. Emily lay down again, covering her body with the blanket. Her thoughts drifted to what she did before she fell asleep…

… the rain outside had totally messed up Emily’s plans for the day. She was up before sunrise and wanted to go out for a walk in the woods, towards the waterfall. She was planning to take her camera with her to take some photos of the scenery and attempt to get closer to the waterfall than she did before. The morning started out promising, but soon dark clouds rolled in from the south and after some lightning and several thunder claps, it started raining. Emily was disappointed, but made herself a cup of tea and worked on her laptop for a while, sorting the images she had taken in the last couple of days and editing some of them to use later. Concentrating on her work for some time eventually left her tired and she decided to take a nap in front of the fire that she had started that morning when the rain started. The cabin was nice and warm inside. In front of the fire her thoughts wandered to different places. Sexy places. Sexy encounters. Sexy desires. Soon her hands wandered too and purely on instinct she slowly undressed after she had fetched the dildos and lube from the bedroom.

Emily slowly ran the glass dildo along her slit, feeling the cold glass parting her lips and meeting her wetness. The smooth glass touched her clitoris and slipped down between her lips, just entering her pussy. Each time the dildo entered her a bit more, until Emily slowly started fucking herself with it. Playing with herself with no one else there, she always turned out to be very greedy and this time was no exception. Emily reached for the lube and the silicon dildo. She applied some lube to the dildo and some to her ass. Turning on her side, she pressed the dildo against her asshole and pushed. Bit by bit she pushed the silicon inside, up to the hilt of the realistically shaped toy. Her breathing was quick and shallow, her desire hot and burning fiercely. Emily sat up on her knees, trapping the base of the silicon dildo on the rug. She pushed the glass dildo inside her pussy and started riding the silicon toy, simultaneously fucking herself in the ass and the cunt. Her orgasm was quick and heavy, leaving her legs numb and every nerve ending in her body tingling…

An hour later Emily awoke again. The first thing she became aware of was the silence. The second was the bright sunshine pouring in through the window. She threw the blanket off her, jumped up and opened the door of the cabin. Outside the earth smelled fresh and clean. Everything bathed in the glorious sunshine. Emily ran outside, threw her arms up in the air and started singing, while dancing around and around:

bluesky“Mr. Blue Sky,
please tell us why,
you had to hide away for so long,
Where did we go wrong

Hey, there, Mr. Blue, we’re so pleased to be with you,
Look around, see what you do, everybody smiles at you.”

Emily laughed at her own silliness but abruptly stopped when she heard a sound coming from between the trees. She was suddenly very conscious of her nakedness and quickly returned to the cabin, even though she told herself it was a small animal out there and not a human being. She closed the door behind her and looked around the cabin. The sight of the sex toys made her blush. She quickly grabbed them from the floor and thoroughly washed them in the kitchen sink, after which she carefully lay them on a clean dishcloth to dry. She grabbed the clothes she wore earlier that day and put it back on, grabbed her camera bag and went outside again. There was still a couple of hours of daylight left and with no cloud in the sky, it was the perfect time to execute the plan she had for earlier that day.

On her way to the waterfall Emily snapped many photos of plants, the green tree tops against the bright blue sky and several brightly colored insects she saw in the undergrowth. At the waterfall she continued snapping photos. The blue skies above were beautifully reflected in the calmer water of the pool where the water thundered into from the waterfall. It was warm out in the sun and soon Emily looked at the inviting water.
“What the heck…” Emily said to herself, stripped off her clothes and walked into the water. She swam for a bit, floated on the water, looking up at the sky and watched the water coming down. She came close to the waterfall, but didn’t have the guts to dive under the water and see whether there’s something behind the curtain of water. She lazily drifted towards the bank where her clothes were and got out of the water.

Emily found a flat rock close to the water and lay down on her front to allow the sun to dry her body. The thundering of the waterfall cut out all other sounds of the forest, and seemed to be getting softer as Emily started to doze off. She screamed as a big hand on her back pinned her the rock.
“Now this is a sight I sorely missed,” she heard her husband’s voice.
“Don,” Emily exclaimed and tried to turn, but he held her in place, “what are you doing here?”
“At this moment I am looking at my glorious wife, remembering her singing naked in the sun,” he chuckled.
“That was you?”
“Yep. Spread your legs.”
“Don, we can’t, not here…”
“Why not? No one will see us. Now spread your legs.”

Something smooth and warm pressed against her pussy.
“I found some toys in the cabin,” Don said, “it seems you’ve been missing me.”
“I have, but I would much rather feel you inside me than the dildo,” Emily said, realizing he was pushing the glass dildo into her.
“All in good time, my greedy little wife, all in good time. I don’t mind you retreating to the cabin for your art, but two weeks are just too long. I’m not done with you yet and won’t be for a long time. Spread your ass cheeks for me, I have another toy that needs to be inside you.”

Some time later they both lay naked on the rock, satisfied and smiling.
Emily jumped up, ran into the water and sang:

“Mr. Blue Sky,
please tell me when,
you will fuck me again, quick please quick,
I can’t wait too long

Hey, there, Mr. Blue, I’m so pleased to be with you,
Look at me, waiting for you, come fuck me right here.”

Written for Charlie’s Ultimate Summer Playlist Competition 

© Rebel’s Notes

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