Bare Essentials

Some weeks ago the Wicked Wednesday prompt was ‘Lists’. Oleander Plume posted a list with some of her personal writing prompts, and decided to turn it into a writing contest. I immediately knew that I would enter a story. As I read through the prompts, I could only think of one thing that Oleander had said: Extra points if you make me laugh.
With that in mind, three prompts:

9. blind date arrives dressed as a clown
11. two undercover cops on a stakeout are bored and horny
13. oops, I sexted my boss

Since I was going to try and make Oleander laugh, I decided I could just as well dab my toe in a genre I have never written in before: M/M. My choice of prompt was number 11.

Hope you enjoy, and it at least puts a smile on Oleander’s face… and yours!

stripperDick and Randy sat in the police car in a darker spot on the street, between two street lights. They were watching the entrance of a strippers club, waiting for Freddie ‘Fuckface’ Farrell to exit the strip club. Their informant tipped them that Fuckface was in the strip club, watching a private strip tease.
“Lucky fucker,” Dick had said when he hung up.
Both cops had been to Bare Essentials on different occasions, when they were off duty and both of them knew what happened during a private strip tease, if you were willing to pay a bit more.

They had a good view on the entrance of Bare Essentials. The broad-shouldered doorman greeted everyone who entered the club, and was extra friendly to the strippers, who either came outside to smoke or arrived at work for their shifts to begin. They all had one thing in common: they were scarcely clad. Ass cheeks almost peeked out from under short skirts and breasts just about jumped out of skimpy tops. The girls were all gorgeous and sexy and beautiful.
“That one is a looker!” Dick said when a blond woman came out of the club and lit a cigarette.
“She gave me a private show last week,” Randy smiled.
“Was she good?”
“Oh god yes, wet and ready, I tell you.”

…. the rest of this story has been taken down, because there will be an exciting announcement soon!

Keep watching this space!

© Rebel’s Notes

I reached a shared fourth place in this competition, and this is what Oleander Plume said about my story:
Marie chose “two undercover cops on a stakeout are bored and horny” and wrote her first m/m piece, and let me tell you, it’s fabulous! Burning hot, funny as hell with characters I loved. And the last line? Classic!

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  2. YES!!! That story pushed all of my happy buttons! And, it made me giggle, too. Bonus! Loved this, Marie. The last line slayed me, well done!!!!

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