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Black. That’s all I can see. It’s dark. The blindfold shuts out all light. My wrists are tied together. I guess the rope is tied to the bed, holding my arms immovable above my head. My bottom balances on the edge of the bed, my feet hanging down, not restrained. I strain to hear movement in the room, but there’s nothing. I know they will come though. The men. One by one or maybe more than one at a time. I’m here to be used. To be fucked. All my holes are available. Not once, not twice but as many times as they want to. A shiver runs through my body by the thought of this. This is what I wanted. To be used. To be fucked. I had only one wish: I didn’t want to know who will fuck me.

Blindfolded and bound
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The above is one of my fantasies.

There is something about this fantasy that gets me wet every time I play the scenario in my head. I don’t know exactly why. Is it the fact that I am nothing but holes to be used? Or the fact that I don’t know who’s fucking me. I think it’s a combination. I think that behind my blindfold the man who fucks me or who I have to suck can be anyone I want him to be, because I cannot see him. Or that I can walk out of the hotel (this fantasy always happens in a hotel room and with Master T keeping a watchful eye – he’s the one organizing this of course) and not know whether I am walking pass a man that have fucked me just moments before. This thought – that such a man will know who I am and I won’t know if he is one of the men – makes me feel nervous, but it also hardens my nipples and causes a twitch in my crotch.

Of course another part of this fantasy is the gangbang feeling to it. In my fantasy it’s not only one man whom I’m fucked by, but several. One of the variations of this fantasy is that three men are using me at the same time – one for each hole. Being degraded to only holes definitely speaks to me. Being used speaks to me even more. Being the receiving subject of a gangbang is a fucking exciting thought too. But the one thing that speaks to me the most is to be fucked and not knowing who it is. Not before, not during and not after.

One night stands might be classified as ‘anonymous sex’ and I certainly had my share of those. However, they never really fitted into the fantasy I mentioned above. First of all I always had conversations with the guy in question before the sex happened. Secondly the sex was never kinky and I never felt used. I was never blindfolded either. And, the morning after we separated our ways and either didn’t see each other again, or saw each other but sex never happened again. All very exciting, but not fulfilling the fantasy.

No. The key thing of my fantasy is anonymous sex. The men know who they are fucking, but I don’t know who is fucking me. And while I’m being fucked I know I will try to ‘recognize’ the men, because maybe, just maybe Master T invites men who have fucked me before. And at the same time, I will fantasize behind my blindfold, ‘see’ men I want to see. During those fantasies all my senses will be working overtime, since I’m deprived of my sight. I will feel every movement of a cock inside my cunt, or fucking my ass. I will feel the twitching of a cock in my mouth before they cum.

Damn, this just gets me more and more excited. I know exactly what thoughts will be occupying my mind for the next days…

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4 thoughts on “Anonymous Sex

  1. I agree with your comments about true anonymity, it’s not an easy thing to achieve. But yes, being tied and used in a hotel room is definitely a fantasy of mine but one I think will never actually happen.

  2. This is a fantasy of mine as well. I wrote a short snippet of being suspended – bound so helpless I’m even off the ground, blindfolded, and offered to the men watching. Just the thought gets me so hot. However, the “baby step” fantasy I want to achieve (at least first) is the one I wrote for this meme.

    You explained your desire for this so much, now my brain is on it and all hot and bothered. Great job!

  3. I understand the thrill of not knowing anything, just the feelings that your body is being used. My wife had this fantasy also. Not only did I blindfold her, I also put earplugs in her ears. Now two of her senses are gone. I always had her wait for it to start. She had no idea of how long she was waiting till that first man or woman went to work on her. Since this was her first time doing anything like this I only invited eight men and two women. A woman started licking her pussy, and when she felt her tongue you can literally see her delve into another world. Then a man put his cock in her mouth. She came very quickly the woman did a fantastic job on her pussy and made her wet so it was easy for that first cock to enter her. She had orgasm after orgasm, some men came on her face, some inside of her. Then when a woman mounted her face and she went to work on that woman’s pussy it could have been a 75 year old, or the most gorgeous 21 year old girl. After wards when it was all over and I took her blindfold off. She tried guessing who did her, which woman ate her, which woman squirted in her face and in her mouth.

    We had made a deal that this would also happen to me. I was thrilled and could not wait for it to start thank god she only had one man involved and for the first time in my life I had to suck a cock. The rest were women and it was one of the most magical sexual nights I have ever had. You should live this fantasy out. After all you only live once and its obvious that the thought of it turns you on so very much. You won’t be sorry you did it…


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