A Real Neat Blog Award (Revisited)

I recently did a post about the Real Neat Blog Award after being nominated by Jack & Jill and Illicit Thoughts. I am doing another post since I have received another nomination and another set of questions, from M, one of the sisters who blog on Cammies On The Floor.

First of all I want to thank M for her lovely words that went with the nomination. It made me blush but also made me feel warm inside.

Marie from Rebel’s Notes – such a superstar in the sex blogging community. She’s very supportive and even though she’s incredibly busy, she always leaves thoughtful and thought provoking comments. Her meme, Wicked Wednesday, inspires and challenges us all the time. I really want to meet her.


I love that Wicked Wednesday is inspiring and challenging and hope to do it for a long time still. M and her sister, A, are definitely on my list of ‘bloggers I want to meet’.

M has posted 7 questions for me to answer, but before I answer those, I want to comment on something else she has wrote:

I would ask Molly and Rebel (see above #1 and 2) how they ever find the time and the energy to be so amazing to everyone else, to upkeep their memes so well, and still manage to create such outstanding posts themselves. I visit their blogs most often.


I don’t know about Molly, but the only way I am able to run my blogs – I have 5 6 (I recently started a new, vanilla blog) of which two are 365 projects – is to plan ahead. I have always been strong in organizing and once I started with the blog, I also started with an Excel file where I keep up with the blog posts. That is where I plan my posts, keep track of stats, keep track of Wicked Wednesday participants and other things regarding my writing group. I would not be able to see the bigger picture without this Excel file. I also follow quite a lot of blogs and try to read all posts, but don’t always get to it. However, I always comment on all Wicked Wednesday posts, as well as all Sinful Sunday ones.

Now to get to M’s questions:

1. Blogging: why do it and has the reason changed, how did you decide on the persona?

I started blogging because I wanted to have my stories all in one place. Thinking about this, the reason hasn’t really changed, but evolved. At first it was about having my erotic stories here, but it grew out to posting true stories and photos too, and posts like this one.
I decided to use ‘Rebel’ as an online persona, since this had for many years been my online chat name. I always saw myself as a rebel, as I did things differently than others, such as falling pregnant when I was sixteen (no, it wasn’t an accident). Then, when I first wanted to submit to an anthology, I wanted a first name and a surname. I had more or less decided on the surname ‘Rebelle’ as I wanted ‘rebel’ somewhere in the name. When I couldn’t decide on a first name, I put the question on Twitter. ‘Marie’ was a suggestion of @DomSigns and it fit me like a glove!

2. What is your favorite color and five color associations you have to it? (eg red: love, blood; blue: sad, ocean, etc.)

My favorite color is black. Most of my clothes are black, even though I have made an effort in recent years to wear other colors too. The associations I have with it? I never really thought about that. Black is safe to wear. It makes me look thinner and I get to combine it with any other color I want to, red being my favorite second color. I do not associate black with death, maybe because I am almost always in black.

3. How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

40 years old (I am, in fact, 48), because I will have the knowledge that comes with living life. However, since I am suffering a lot with all signs of menopause (and I hate it), I might have thought I was older, had I not known how old I am. I chose for 40 years because that it really the year in which my confidence started building and I started ‘coming to terms’ with who I am. I also enjoyed my 40th birthday more than I enjoyed any other (except maybe for when I was a child).

4. If you had to move to a state or country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why?

I have changed countries 20.5 years ago, which had quite an impact on my life – mostly in a positive way. If I had to move, I would love to live in England. Why? Because I love the country. Even though the Netherlands is known for it’s liberal ways, there’s a lot more happening on the kink scene in England than over here. But then again, life is not all about kink… and I really love living in the Netherlands.

5. Name five things that you are grateful for.

  • That I fell in love and married Master T;
  • My beautiful kids and grandkids;
  • That I will soon have all of the most important family members living close to us;
  • That I have a good job, even though I want to work less than the 5 days I work now;
  • That I am who I am.

6. At what time in your recent past have you felt most passionate and alive?

Ever since I met and fell in love with Master T, and even more so in the last 4 years, since Master T and I made the commitment to our D/s relationship. Finally I can live the life I always wanted, without knowing I wanted it.

realneatblog7. What post that you wrote is your favorite? Why?

Oh my. With 1300+ posts on my site, this is not an easy question to ask. The first post that came to mind was ‘X marks the spot‘ because it was the first time ever I killed one of my characters in a story. I loved the way Stranded in Toronto challenged me over and over again with the A Darker Flame meme and really regret that it’s not more. Then there’s a more recent post, called ‘No Panties‘ which just came out right. Working with search terms for the new ‘Sexy Search’ meme is another way to get creative juices flowing. I know I cheated because I mentioned two posts now, but I am going to cheat some more. I love the series I have done in February, for Molly’s #FebPhotoFest and where I combined it with Modesty’s #PolaroidsPast. It was a great trip down memory lane!

Those were the questions I had to and wanted to answer. This time I am not going to nominate anyone for this award, as I have already done so in my previous post.

© Rebel’s Notes

6 thoughts on “A Real Neat Blog Award (Revisited)

  1. I like how organized you are with all you do. I could be much better organized than I am with my blog. That’s why I enjoy the various memes, they put a little order into things. And even though I don’t post each week the prompts often stick with me and I end up writing something based on it later down the road.

    I enjoy your blog and getting to know you over these past few years since o started blogging. It’s great to “meet” people that you can completely be yourself with even if they are on the other side of the earth. 🙂


  2. Wow, even more amazed in how you keep track of everything. I’m traveling for the next month and maintaining the blog is a daunting task (bless A’s heart, she does things when she wants, not always when it’s needed). Thank you for answering the questions. I especially loved the age question. You definitely inspire and challenge me, and I truly feel like I am a better writer and blogger because of your influence.

    1. Thank you so much for this wonderful compliment, M, and thanks for all the questions 🙂 xox

  3. Lovely answers . . . especially loved 5 & 6 !!!
    And, like Kat, I am awed by your organisation! I often wish I could be so organised and methodical . . . I tell myself “right, from next week . . . “!!!
    But I’m just not . . . organised (LOL!!!) . . . enough. Things just seem to happen spontaneously and haphazardly and before I know it . . . !!!
    Xxx – K

  4. I love your answers Rebel!
    I am awestruck by your organisation and dedication to your blogs… using excel??? Never thought of anything as organised as that! I just randomly post when the mood takes me. This is why you are a Blogging Superstar and I am not!
    Just know that you are an inspiration to myself and, I am certain, many other bloggers.
    I want to follow all your blogs… perhaps you could DM me the links?
    Massive respect!
    Kat x

    1. Thank you so much for your compliments, hun! And in my eyes you definitely are a superstar!

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