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Hello darlings!

You don’t mind me calling you that, do you? I mean, you are all darlings for coming back every time to read about me and my adventures. I have missed you, but darn, Rebel banned me to my box for a month because she was doing some kind of alphabet challenge thingie. Argh… she didn’t even invite me to join in the fun!

I’m wondering about something… are there any places you want me to go and tell you more about? Or things you want me to do? Don’t be shy now, just tell me. If at all possible, I will do whatever you suggest and then come back and tell you about it.

I get around you know. Okay, I have to wait until Rebel and her husband decides to go out and take me with them, but here at home I have lots of adventures too. Especially in their bedroom. Remember the night the T-dude offered me a glass of whisky and a cigarette? That same night he invited me to join in some of their fun.

We started off by putting a collar around Rebel’s neck. The dude asked me to check whether it was not too comfortable for her and I gladly accepted the invitation. The collar was fixed around her neck, the smell of leather almost intoxicating, especially mixed with the smell of Rebel’s perfume. She wears a musky perfume which really smells delicious. I just love smelling that on her and can easily sit on her shoulder all day just inhaling her scent. Oh wait, I was telling you about the collar, not the perfume!

20141109-017wm collar Skelly
See how beautiful that collar fits her?
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So the collar was fixed around her neck and Rebel’s master told her to lie down on the bed. He gently took me off her shoulder. Immediately I was filled with disappointment, until he put me down between her breasts. I looked at him and he nodded. I made a beehive for her nipple, wanting to take it into my mouth, but damn, it was just too big. I couldn’t get it in my mouth no matter what I did. She smiled at me and I had the feeling she was laughing at me. Her smile instantly disappeared when I took her swollen nipple between my bony fingers and pinched. That will teach her to laugh at me! Although I must say, somehow I think she enjoyed the pain I caused her.


The T-dude motioned for me to move downwards. I looked at him in surprise. Did he really mean I could move down? Down to between her legs? To that sweet pussy of hers? When he beckoned a second time I scurried down to between her legs. I looked at the dude once more and then buried my face between her lips. Her slit was wet. Her clitoris was wet. The rebellious one didn’t have a chance once I started rubbing her clitoris between the bones of my jaws. She moaned. It was clear she enjoyed it, so I pressed down a bit harder. She tasted and smelled sweet and musky. Hey, there’s a them here: musk. Such a lovely fragrance, but I promise I will not digress again.

20141129-034wm Skelly pussy pubic hair sucking
Sucking that sweet pussy of Rebel.
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Once I had gotten her even wetter, the dude pulled me away and gave me a place high on a pillow so I could watch what he was doing to her. Soon that horny woman was squirming under his touch as he brought her to one orgasm after the other, just like he did back in the hotel. Wet, wetter, wettest!

God, that woman can squirt over and over again! It’s just unreal! But, she would not have been able to do so had I not sucked her before the time. I’m pretty sure of that!

Take care sweethearts! Until next time!

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