Oh yes! A man in a suit… that has the possibility to make me go weak at the knees.


Yes, there’s a but.

Does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?

I love a man in a suit, but not just any man. If I see a random man in a suit, I will not necessarily feel weak at the knees. If it’s a man I know and like, it’s totally different. I can tell you: the chance of my pussy responding is much bigger than my knees responding. The one person I absolutely love to see in a suit, is of course Master T. The day I met him, he wore a suit. That day the suit made absolutely no impression on me, as I was far too nervous for the meeting. By then we were chatting for two months and slowly falling in love. The times that we saw each after that he didn’t wear a suit, but he did on our wedding day. And maybe other days too before that, and definitely other days after that. He doesn’t wear a suit much, but when he does, I absolutely fucking love it. Master T is a slender man and an Italian cut suit such as Armani or Corneliani fits him the best. He had a Hugo Boss suit, but that doesn’t fit him as well as the Armani suit he wore for our wedding.

I love the care with which he gets dressed when he wears a suit. Oh, he always dresses with care and he always looks good, but when he wears a suit, it’s different. He makes a huge effort of choosing a shirt with a matching tie, of polishing his shoes (something the Dutch don’t do daily) and of making sure his cuffs just show from under the sleeves of his suit jacket. And when he’s in his suit, I love standing close to him, smelling the material of the suit and feeling the sturdy fabric under my cheek. There’s just something about him in a suit that makes me want to do anything for him!

There are other men that I love to see in suits too, but all of them are men I know in one or other way. One of our ‘fuck buddies’ for instance. When he’s in a suit I literally go “mmmm” and smile and look and look once more. There’s another man – someone we’ve had play dates with – whom I haven’t seen in a suit up to now, but just imagining him in one makes me smile.

I do have a thing with the color of suits. I do not like brown ones, or light ones or blue ones. I prefer something in black or dark to middle gray, but preferably not light gray. If there’s a stripe in the material, it should be subtle. A black suit with a very visible white stripe is not my thing either.


What about women in suits?
No, I do not have the same reaction to a woman in a suit than I have to men. I much rather prefer a woman in a beautiful dress than in a suit. Maybe it’s because I prefer to wear dresses, maybe not. I have never worn business suits, but there was a time when I wore uniforms. School uniforms and military uniforms.

One thing about a woman in a suit that can get me to keep on looking is when a woman wears a suit without a blouse under it. I love the hint of cleavage, or maybe even if the woman in question deliberately shows more cleavage. There’s something about that that makes me look, and look again.

I wouldn’t say that suits is one of my kinks, but I definitely have naughty thoughts and kinky feelings when Master T wears a suit… I think it’s clear that to me it’s the man that makes the suit and not the other way around.

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3 thoughts on “Suits

  1. I have to agree, I think Sir is incredibly hot in a suit, hell I think he’s hot in anything but i rarely pay attention to anyone else in a suit which makes me think it’s the man and not the suit.

  2. Boss and Secretary ( NEVER Admin Asst.) is a Strong Fetish for Me and Mine! Everything From Spanking thru BDSM are Possible! You are THE Sexiest, Nasty Minded, Erotic Woman, at Least in Your Writing and Pictures, I Have Yet to Read! I May not Comment, but, I Read Everything of Your I Find! Yet Again, Thank You Very Much!

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