Sitting Pretty

Facesitting is also sometimes known as Queening or Kinging and is when one partner sits on the face of another to allow oral sex to take place. Sometimes this includes an element of ‘forced oral’. It is often associated with female domination (femdom) but not exclusively.

Facesitting is not our kink, but the moment I saw the topic for Kink of the Week, some thoughts went trough my mind.

There was a night, many years ago, that Master T lay on his back and told me to sit on his face. It was not about me being in control, but all about him being in control and wanting me on top of him. I held onto the railing of the headboard to prevent myself from lowering myself too much and smothering him. The way my pussy was stretched open, the way my leg muscles were straining to keep myself up and the delicious movements of Master T’s tongue on my sensitive bits had me on the edge of an orgasm all the time. The orgasm didn’t happen, because I have always had and still have difficulty to orgasm when I am on my knees. The same when I stand. I eventually orgasm, but it takes much longer than when I am on my back.

That day, with me sitting on Master T’s face, I only climaxed when he told me to turn around. I rested my knees on either side of his head and took his cock in my mouth. The combination of him licking and fingering me and me sucking him gave me one of my most memorable orgasms. We tried to recreate it many times after that, but it never felt the same again.

A second thought I had was of Master T on his knees beside me, hovering over me and telling me to suck his cock. This is not exactly facesitting, but because of his disability it is not possible to position himself over my face. This is the closest we get to him sitting ‘on’ my face, but I love the position I am in then. I want to be told what to do and I want him to have the upper hand. I need that, to let go of control and follow his orders. Being in this position, even though I am not under but beside him, is as ‘restricting’ to me as him sitting on my face might have been. A year and a half ago during a playdate, another man almost sat on my face. He trapped my body beneath his legs and places his cock right above my mouth, forcing me to lick and suck him. I had one arm free to touch and stroke him while I pleased him with my mouth. What I found less enjoyable in this encounter was his precum dripping on my face while I had to lick his balls.

The one thing I know beforehand I would not be able to handle and which I have absolutely no desire to experience, is for a man or a woman to sit on my face in a way where they almost smother me. I have mild claustrophobia which can sometimes bring me in a panic, especially if I am trapped and my mind keeps on telling me there’s no way out.

Speaking of women…

I wouldn’t mind having a woman sit on my face (as long as I have enough room to move and don’t feel like I will be smothered).
To see her cunt right before my eyes… to smell her arousal… to feel her silky wetness on my tongue… just the mere thought of this gets me wet. I have experience this in the past, but I want to experience it a lot more, and I have a specific lady in mind…

Who knows, there might be more to follow on this subject!

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3 thoughts on “Sitting Pretty

  1. It’s a real rarity for me to orgasm on top in any way. Having his cock in my mouth distracts me enough sometimes. I do much prefer being on the receiving end though, Sir or another woman.

  2. At the end you contradict yourself a bit, saying you wouldn’t be able to handle a woman (or man) sitting on your face because of claustrophobia, but last paragraph say you wouldn’t mind it.

    When I read that you had an orgasm that is memorable, that you haven’t been able to recreate, it reminds me of some of mine that just won’t happen again, but are so fantastic that I can’t forget them.

    You always have some hot pictures.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. I have added a couple of words to make clear what I actually meant there 🙂

      And how I wish I could recreate that orgasm!

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

      Rebel xox

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