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One of the items on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days is to make a list of 50 sexy things I have already achieved. I thought it would be easy to make but believe me, I have been thinking about this list for months and could just not come up with anything. Equally so I thought making a sex bucket list with 25 items on it would be easy. This is another item on my goals list.

I finally decided to revert to the Internet and I realized that all this time I had been over-thinking both these goals. It’s so much easier to do it than it thought. I found three sites with different (and sometimes similar lists) and I will list the three of them at the bottom, as sources. I am going to use the lists from those sites to make my lists.


Ways to Have Sex

  1. Have a MMF threesome
  2. Have a FFM threesome
  3. Have sex with 4 or more people
  4. Have sex with a person of the same gender
  5. Have sex with another person, while your partner watches
  6. Watch your partner have sex with another person
  7. Have sex with your partner, while someone else watches
  8. Have anal sex
  9. Have very gentle sex
  10. Have sex without foreplay
  11. Have sex standing up
  12. Have sex kneeling
  13. Have sex facing away from your partner
  14. Have sex facing sideways
  15. Have sex with most of your clothes on
  16. Have sex with one article of clothing on
  17. Have sex without kissing
  18. Have extremely quiet sex
  19. Have sex with a stranger
  20. Have sex without orgasm
  21. Get your hair pulled during sex
  22. Have sex in an awkward/advanced position
  23. Change positions multiple times during sex
  24. Have sex with a woman
  25. Suck and swallow a man
  26. Lick a man’s balls and a woman’s cunt while they are having sex
  27. Have sex with a circumcised man
  28. Have sex with an uncircumcised man
  29. Have an orgasm without having my pussy or clit stimulated
  30. Being fisted vaginally
  31. Have sex with ice
  32. Have sex with someone much older
  33. Oral sex in the 69 position

Places to Have Sex

  1. Have sex and videotape or webcam it
  2. Masturbate and videotape or webcam it
  3. Have an orgasm in front of people without them knowing
  4. Have sex in a car
  5. Have sex in the shower
  6. Have sex on the kitchen counter/table
  7. Have sex at work
  8. Have sex in the woods
  9. Have sex on a beach
  10. Have cybersex
  11. Have sex in your parent’s house
  12. Have sex in the sauna
  13. Make out at a club on the dance floor
  14. Masturbate in a bar

Equipment to use

  1. Find your favorite vibrator
  2. Discover a brand new dildo that you love
  3. Get some Ben Wa Balls and use them
  4. Use Anal Beads
  5. Buy some lingerie
  6. Wear some lace, leather or latex
  7. Use a Butt Plug
  8. Wear wrist and/or ankle cuffs
  9. Get a blindfold on
  10. Get a corset
  11. Wear nipple clamps
  12. Use a flogger, whip or cane
  13. Buy bondage tape or medical tape
  14. Get a sexy pair of shoes or boots
  15. Use household items as kinky toys
  16. Wear spreader bars

Learn Something New

  1. Become familiar with your genitals
  2. Go to the strippers
  3. Watch porn with your partner
  4. Attend a munch
  5. Attend a sex-related conference
  6. Read more erotic stories
  7. Read more sex-related blogs
  8. Get an informative sex-related book
  9. Blog/write about your own sexuality
  10. Get erotic photographs taken of yourself
  11. Show your partner an erotic dance, or have them do one for you
  12. Learn how to have great oral sex
  13. Learn how to squirt
  14. Trim or shave your pubic hair
  15. Have a sex toy party
  16. Have a lap dance

Kinky Fucky Time

1. Wear a gag
2. Have your breasts whipped
3. Experience sensory deprivation
4. Have marks left over the next day
5. Receive birthday spankings
6. Be suspended in rope
7. Be whipped by two men
8. Do wax play
9. Be the subject of bondage


Ways to Have Sex

  1. Have very rough sex
  2. Have a gangbang
  3. Have three major orgasms that leave my legs shaking (in 24 hours)
  4. Have sex 7 days in a row
  5. Have a MMF where both fuck me at the same time (DP)

Places to Have Sex

  1. Have sex in public
  2. Have sex at a movie theater
  3. Have sex at a drive-thru
  4. Have sex in a bathroom at a night club
  5. Have sex on a balcony or porch
  6. Have sex on an airplane
  7. Have sex on public transit, including buses and taxi cabs
  8. Have sex at a concert
  9. Have sex for an audience
  10. Have sex in the snow
  11. Have sex in the bed of a pick up truck
  12. Have sex in an elevator
  13. Have sex in a church
  14. Have sex on a building’s roof

Equipment to Use

  1. Get a Kegel Exerciser and use it
  2. Have a strap-on used on me by a woman
  3. Wear a chastity device
  4. Purchase a full mask or hood
  5. Use furniture specifically designed for sex
  6. Use an unconventional sex toy, such as an ice dildo
  7. Use a fucking machine

Learn Something New

  1. Attend a play party
  2. Attend a sex-related workshop
  3. Be a model for an artist
  4. Be a model for a professional photographer

Kinky Fucky Time

  1. Be put in a cage or confined
  2. Have consensual non-consensual sex (rape play)
  3. Be dominated by a woman


  1. Have a girlfriend for a long term relationship

That concludes both the lists, with thanks to the following sources:
Source 1
Source 2
Source 3

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  1. A few years ago, some friends were making and posting “Fuck It” lists on FetLife, and I drew one up too. I have accomplished nearly nothing on my list because it requires a significant other and mine is roughly 1000 miles away. lol

  2. You were not kidding, those are some sexy lists!!!! Wow, I would like to try a bunch of those. Looks like I’ll be making a list of my own 😉

  3. Wow! Those are some impressive lists Rebel!
    Hope you fulfil all your hopes!

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